Saturday, November 06, 2010


Time flies really fast! Today's already the 6th day of the 11th month. Two more months and I'll be unemployed for a year. No regrets. I am so much happier now than a year ago. I just don't want to elaborate and  I don't want to mention things of the past because I respect everything and everyone.

In all honesty, I learned so much with this kind of situation. People may think,  how are you going to learn with nothing? With "nothing" you'll know how to appreciate the simple things in life. Bliss can start with simple joys right? :) From nothing, you will know yourself more and you will learn to trust God even more. I stop making my bank account fat a year ago, sad because I don't have savings for this year, but, I'm looking at the bright side of things. God knows what is best. I'm so excited for 2011 and it's just more than a month away. I'm excited for another chapter, new mornings, and etc. I know you don't have to wait for the next year to change for the better, that's not what I exactly mean. I am implying a more in-depth approach. 



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