Tuesday, November 09, 2010

MAC Lovin

I got my first MAC liquid and powder foundation two months ago and I fell in love not just with the two products but for MAC in general. I always want to try brand since I started loving cosmetic products but I didn't have a budget then. I am really a fan of imported brands, especially Maybelline and ELF because those are the products that don't break me out, well, except for Fashion 21 concealer with Tea Tree Oil and Fanny Serrano Concealer. I still buy  eye shadow palettes, liquid eyeliner and lipsticks of local brands like Nichido, Careline and F21 because those are the parts of my face that are not sensitive.

I bought my MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation and MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation at Marionnaud Mall of Asia branch. I went there on sale but the products are not on sale. The attendant on MAC Counter thought I'm still a student ( I just don't know if he meant a College student or a make up artist wannabe) so he asked "You're from what school?"  followed by the questions "Are you enrolled in a make up school or you just like to buy make-up?"

In all honesty, I want to enroll myself in a make up school but not to be a make up artist, actually, a make up workshop that will last for a day will do (like of Suesh Workshops with free brush set) , I just want to learn the basics or  should I say I just want to add knowledge about the proper make up application. I know I can't consider myself having a career as a make up artist because I am not that good with dolling up other people. hehehe :) I can only suggest what brands to use but I am not good with putting all those stuff in other people's faces. Anyway, here's my review of the Two products, let me remind you again that this is
according to my experience, the effects may be different with others as we have different skin types and tones.


  • full coverage, great for big events
  • good for touch ups (FA wannabes, if you have the budget, MAC will be a good investment)
  • doesn't break me out
  • doesn't make me oily
  • Several shades to choose from (with this, you can find a shade that will suit your tone)
  • Available locally
  • Doesn't blend well with my Elianto Cream Concealer

PRICE: 1600 Php
VERDICT: 4.9/5 (ONLY BECAUSE IT DOESN'T BLEND WELL WITH MY FAVORITE CONCEALER); I will still repurchase because this is really a good investment though it's definitely expensive compared with other products, but the quality is great.



  • full coverage (great for covering flaws)
  • doesn't break me out
  • doesn't make me oily unlike with my first liquid foundation
  • several shades to choose from (but I think there's another shade that suits me better)
  • Available locally

  • I think there's another "NC"(shade) that suits my skin better because I look darker and  "orangey" to quite reddish with the shade (or maybe because I put too much of it)
  • Apply only in moderate amount, too much can give you a "hapdi" factor during application

PRICE: 1600 Php
VERDICT: 4.75/5; I will still repurchase but I promise to really test what NC will suits me best.



donnarence on 12:44 PM said...

my 2nd favorite liquid foundation is studiofix.. it looks so good on the pictures when worn

Anonymous said...

and according to my friend,, Mac powder foundation will last you a year!!! isn't that great???? that's why i was forced to buy one eventhough it's pretty pricey.. but quite worth it!! =)

khryz on 11:00 PM said...

nice MAC haul ^_^
too bad MAC isnt readily available in my place


jO_AnNe on 9:12 AM said...

@Donnarence: Agree! :) Gives you flawless look.

jO_AnNe on 9:12 AM said...

@Anonymous: Yes! The back part of the box has the 12m logo meaning it can last for a year. Agree, pricey but really a good investment.

jO_AnNe on 9:15 AM said...

@Khryz: Thank You :) Awww, that's okay! You can buy one if ever you come to Manila :)

Shopcoholic on 10:55 AM said...

i want to try their liquid foundation...

jO_AnNe on 3:53 PM said...

@Shopcoholic: It's a good buy :)

Joanne Palad on 11:55 AM said...

Hi Joanne! I've tried Elianto concealer also but honestly, I didn't like it. I've tried using MAC studio fix foundi alone and it gave the coverage I need plus blemishes were hidden miraculously without the help of a concealer :)U can try out other concealers like Max Factor's Pan stick (almost same price as Elianto's) :)

joannecams on 4:29 PM said...

@Joanne: Talaga? Magkaprice lang sila? :) I'll try it when I have the budget. Thanks sis!

Anonymous said...

so what Mac shade really suits you?

joannecams on 8:19 AM said...


Star on 3:51 AM said...

Ahwww my skin is sensitive with any mac products esp powder it turns orangy in my skin... =(

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