Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Monday Afternoon

Last week, Lars and I decided to go to Venice Piazza at Mc Kinley to meet with our former colleague who's currently working around the area and to give here the goodies she asked me to look for at Duty Free.  We're expecting her to meet with us during her lunch break but, NO SHOW. Anyway, we just strolled around and pursued with our agenda - took photos. :)

I would admit it was my first time at Piazza. I don't frequently go around the area since I find other areas more accessible than Mc Kinley. Anyway,the place gave me another European feel. The clock reminded me of Big Ben. If you're planning to meet with your long lost friends, and have dinner or lunch with them, Piazza would be a good idea, but it would be better if you bring your own car, especially if you're going there with a bunch of friends.

We didn't stay that long at Piazza. We just decided to go at High Street and have coffee. Serendra would be more lively than Piazza since the latter was too quiet on an early afternoon and doesn't have stalls where we could, at least, window shop.

Since it was one hot afternoon, we decided to take a cab going to High Street. It was just around 50 pesos, and my friend paid for the fare (thanks Lars!). The place was quite the same as the last time I went there, but I think there were some additional stores.
We were supposed to have coffee at Starbucks, just the same when we're still with our former employer. We used to hang out at Starbucks-Makati Stock Exchange to have some form of release. Talking about release over caffeine?! Haha. Okay, so back to Starbucks, we couldn't find a seat inside so we strolled around instead and gave The Stock Market a first sip. Instead of an ice cream, we tried to be on a health buff mode so we ordered Fresh Fruit Shake. I ordered Ripe Mango (my ultimate favorite).

Oh soooo refreshing!!!!

A shake would be better than a frappe for me. No caffeine, meaning, nothing would stain my teeth; No fats or whatsoever, since it was just fresh fruit squeezed, plus the ice. Before, we used to share stories over a cup of coffee, last week, we had those stories shared over a glass of shake :)

Overall, I enjoyed the day, even if it was just a day out for two, after all, I'm always quality over quantity. It doesn't matter if you went out with just one or two friends, it would always be the experience that would count :) .


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