Friday, October 15, 2010

Meeting My Co-Graduates

Meeting my former colleagues would always be a blast. We would talk and talk; laugh as much as we could and so on. If there's one thing I miss about working, it would be the friends you gained and the friends I used to see everyday. Seeing them would always be possible through a mini get together, a treat or something like that.

Last Friday, I had another mini reunion with my former officemates who already resigned from our previous employer. We went at Gateway, then went out for Banapple - Tomas Morato then back to Gateway.
This would be another photo loaded entry :)

Looking like a birthday celebrant :P

Arra, Geli and I 

We had lunch at KFC then we rode a cab going to Tomas Morato. While we're on our way, I kept on looking left and right, seeing restaurants and etc. Reminiscing again! I, together with some of my college friends had one interview done at Tomas Morato for our Fildubs (Dubbing ) Class.

I would admit, last Friday was my first time at Il Terrazo, but I know the place. I don't really go to Quezon City, unless required, and unless I need something. It was too far from Cavite, even if there's an MRT. Anyway, back to my story. We waited for several minutes before we were seated at Banapple. We just stayed on one corner, took pictures while waiting and afterward stayed on the waiting area when we found a vacant seat.

When we came back, there's one lady student in white ( not sure if she's a nursing student or from other science related/medical course) asked us:
GIRL: excuse me, nauna ba kayo sa amin? nauna yata kasi kami sa inyo pero yung number niyo kasi una.
(didn't answer the girl because I'm looking for my handkerchief; my friend answered)
FRIEND: Ah, kanina pa din kasi kami.
(the girl in white talks again, couldn't remember what she said, haha)
(a Banapple employee butts in)
BANAPPLE: (to the girl) Mam, kanina pa po sila, sila po talaga yung nauna.
GIRL: Ah okay, sorry, akala ko kasi nauna kami

Even if the girl apologized, I still didn't like what she did. I know, there's nothing wrong with asking, pero parang sinasabi niya kasing sumisingit kami e, hello?! We've been waiting for several minutes even before you arrived! My friends were also pissed. Thank goodness the lady from Banapple went on our side so she could understand. Napahiya pa siya tuloy.

The scene didn't ruin our day of course! The yummy Banapple cakes boosted our energy :) 
 If you're just around T.Morato, I would recommend Banapple. It was on the 2nd flr of Il Terrazo. You wouldn't miss it. It was actually the first thing that you'd see once you went upstairs via the escalator. :) People with sweet tooth, you'd love Banapple. 

At around 4 pm, we decided to go back to Gateway. Finding a cab was harder than I expected, I guess the heavy rain was what made it harder. Everyone seemed to be riding every cab passing by Tomas Morato. Clad with our wet clothes, we decided to go back until the rain stopped and it didn't take so much waiting time. 

We were supposed to have coffee when we got back, but there's no vacant seat at Starbucks and Coffee Bean and even Figaro. We strolled around to look for an alternative and found this:

Instead of spending another 2 hours of chit chats over coffee, we settled for these: 

Chicken Macaroni Salad, 2 seasons (potato salad not in photo)
I heart salad dishes, not because I'm always concerned with gaining weight, but the salty-sour-sweet taste made me want to crave for it over and over.We spent two hours at Red Crab Cafe. I love their two seasons (we chose mango-orange)! The macaroni and potato salad was worth the price (starting at 99 pesos; plate for 139). 

We were about to go home and we're actually strolling around Gateway already when a waiter from Red Crab Cafe came after us and said, dalawang 2 seasons lang po ang na-punch, kulang pa po ng isa. Ano ba yan?! Para namang hindi kami nagbayad sa ginawa niyang paghabol. It wasn't even our fault! Next time i-check mabuti ang pina-punch. Thank goodness, there wasn't much people at RCC when we came back. We were almost humiliated. Tsk. 

Well, after the RCC moment, we didn't really walk straight to the terminal. I went back to Digital Plaza to buy the camera I saw before we left for Il Terrazzo. I was about to buy a Nikkon pink camera when I saw the Olympus T-100 in Red that comes with a 4G SD card (and less than 1000 pesos of its original price). Pink would always be my favorite color but RED was my lucky color back in College (I still have to prove it would still work til now). Nikkon was at 4,459 w/o an SD card. Oh how would I store the images right? That explained why I am now owning a red camera named Cherry :) 

Before we FINALLY went home. I look so wasted, sorry
See you on Arra's birthday friends?! :) Til next time.



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