Saturday, September 11, 2010

When I'm almost lost for words

I haven't been in the world wide web for the past three days and today, I decided to go back to my usual routine of spending hours in front of my laptop to: do my brothers' research, check my facebook account,  my yahoomail, twitter, Pinoy Exchange (I'm still a lurker and decided to remain one), formspring, etc.

On my private facebook account, I just accept people I know or someone who sends me a message introducing that he or she is an fa aspirant; but with my other facebook account,I accept everyone who sends me an invite. Just about a several minutes before I started creating this entry, I visited someone's facebook page who also followed me on twitter, to my surprise, I saw her friends' comments saying may she rest in peace. She passed away last week according to her friend's comment. Too bad. Too sad. I wasn't able to answer her question on formspring. She was asking me re airline applications/flight attendant job opening. I still want to answer her question for everyone's benefit. If in case,you're still asking on how to apply or when and where to apply, I frequently post flight attendant/cabin crew openings, feel free to visit this blog. I created a post months ago where to apply and what to bring, you may click here

Back to the girl I'm referring to, may you rest in peace and find bliss in heaven.


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