Friday, September 24, 2010

REVIEW: Maybelline's 8-in-1 BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

Blemish Balm Cream or BB Cream has been out of the market more or less two years ago. 

According to the product's history, which I found here BB Cream actually originated from Germany. Dermatologists used the cream for their patients who have gone through laser surgery to regenerate and soothe the skin.
I also read from the Beauty Buzz issue of Maybelline, that a Korean actress discovered the formula. It can be used as a make up base, it can moisturize your face and can cover like a foundation.Korean brands such as The Face Shop, Etude House and Elianto sell BB Creams. As for now, I don't know yet which BB Cream from the Korean brands works best.

Although BB Creams has long been out of the world of beauty, it's only recently that I read reviews about it and tried it myself. Maybelline's BB Cream is the first and as of now, the only BB Cream that I am trying.

                                    THUMBS UP!
  • Definitely a lot cheaper than other BB Creams
  • Very handy, I can bring it anywhere since it will not occupy much space on my Kit
  • Has SPF26 and can act as a sunblock
  • Can be used as a moisturizer
  • The shade combines well on my skin

  • Though it makes my pores smaller on the first application, it doesn't stay that long so it makes the pores visible again after a few hours
  • Medium coverage, not for big events
  • I disagree with the one shade fits all idea, well for me, it blends on my skin but I can't suggest it to everyone

PRICE: 249
**Maybe I'll not repurchase the product. I'll try other BB Creams that will give me better coverage.



ezor said...

yah!BB cream-i saw it once when i strolled at sm mall,maybelline branch.maybe next time,i should buy and try it.Oh,i bought one concealer from etude house,well it works on my skin,it covers my pimple,slight but not better.hahaha.gulo?

thanks sis for some infos!
active dn ako sa twitter sis :D

jO_AnNe on 6:56 PM said...

Welcome. Re the concealer, why don't you try Elianto's Cream Concealer. :)

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