Friday, September 24, 2010

Make Up Search

It was not in my plan to go to Mall of Asia last weekend because I'm so sure that MOA would be jam packed, well even more jam packed than usual weekends. Last week, I was on a search for a foundation with a good coverage and I thought prices would be cheaper since it was their 3-Day Sale.  Day 1, Friday, I was there, the next day I went back again because I needed a "go signal" from my mom regarding the brand that I will buy.

Day 1:
Checked out all cosmetic shops except for The Body Shop. I also went to the cosmetics sections of the department store located on another building. You know when you're in MOA, you really have to take time walking and going in and out of one building to another building but I'm all okay with it. There's lesser people checking out beauty products than clothes and bags. I had this thinking that some women would not spend so much for a good foundation or for a lipstick that would give her a drop-dead-gorgeous look.

I was checking out Covergirl's foundation and asked the saleslady if it would not make the pores visible. When she said no, I left and said thanks. It's quite hard to just leave after spending at least five minutes just checking every foundation of the said brand.

I decided to go to The Face Shop and looked for a BB Cream and or Foundation. I already have a Maybelline BB Cream but I'm not that satisfied with the results though it blends on my skin well. I'll make a separate review for that. 

BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream  could be used as a make up base and can help make the pores less visible. TFS had this Phyto something foundation that looked like the bottle of Clinique's facial wash. I tried it on my skin but I couldn't see any difference so I asked for their BB Cream instead. The sales assistant added that BB Cream was better than their foundation in making the pores less visible but the other version of their BB Cream, the one that was cheaper was out of stock and since it was my mom who would pay for that, I didn't get the BB Cream worth 1,400++. I was on my way out when I saw this Clear Matte Compact Powder. The sales assistant said it would give me full coverage so I settled for it. 

I went back to Elianto after going to The Face Shop to buy the cream concealer. I've been reading reviews about it and those made me decide to try for it. I'd just create a separate review about the compact powder and the cream concealer. 

Day 2

Mom gave me the approval to buy MAC. She also heard about the good side of the product. I know MAC could be purchased at Marionnaud so I didn't have to go to Makati just for it. I bought Studio Fix Liquid Foundation and the Studio Fix Powder Foundation.
Instead of buying a sponge for the liquid foundation, I went to the department store again to look for a brush as it would create a better look. I also looked for a eyebrow make up. I hate my thick eyebrows. For sure, I really need to have an eyebrow make over LOL. 

My two-day search for a good foundation meant eating late lunch for me. It was just fine with me though. I enjoyed strolling around just to find the one that would look good on me. 



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