Saturday, August 21, 2010

Parisian Feel

I just discovered a new place at MOA - Cafe 5845. I had no idea when it started but it was only this morning that I first saw that at the Entertainment Mall. It caught my attention not just because it was new to me  but because I've thought of Europe, particularly, Paris. According to the results Google provided me,the term "guinguette" meant Open-Air Cafés.

My friend and I decided to see the menu when we passed by the cafe to check if we could afford the food and coffee. At first, you'd think the prices were like that of Starbucks' or higher than that, but it was not! Everything was affordable, sad they did not have frappuccino which I really missed now. I just settled for an Iced Mocha (Iced coffee - 67.00 - regular and 73.00 - tall) and vegetarian pizza (56.00) .

 Guinguette in Paris:

 Cafe 5845

view from the 2nd floor
The cafe would look like a doll house when you view it from the 2nd floor. I loved those laces on the umbrellas. If you would notice there's an Eden logo under the numbers 5845, after another search via Google, Cafe 5845 was Manila's First Cheese Restaurant, collaborated by Kraft Foods Philippines and the Magsaysay Center for Culinary Arts (you may click HERE to read an entry about Cafe 5845). Once you had your seat, the service crew would approach you and hand you their menu with the Eden logo on the cover.

iced mocha
Vegetarian Pizza
We waited for minutes before the pizza arrived, but, at least, the food was still fresh from the oven.

If you feel like you're always at Starbucks and wanting a new ambiance, or if you think, it was always jam packed, try hanging out at Cafe 5845 for a change.

Guinguette Image



Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 on 8:07 PM said...

oh my. that's really an awesome design ^^ love it, and makes me want to make my own designed cups! thanks for share

jO_AnNe on 11:17 PM said...

You're welcome! :) Whoever designed it must be really good! It caught my friend's attention so she took a picture of it.

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