Saturday, August 14, 2010

Once Broken but is MOVING ON with FAITH

Good morning world! It's been days since my last post. 

I learned a lot of lessons this week. I started this week with a big hope in my heart. Been heart broken in the middle of the week, and now, I'm moving on. I could not tell the whole story, at least not for now. I still owe you a story in the future. It's not that I'm ashamed to tell you about a recent failure. If you would recall, I never denied all my failed airline applications in the past. I'm very much open about them. Sometimes, there were really things you just want to keep on yourself.  

I'm grateful for everyone who keeps on supporting me all throughout. Your every word keeps me going. I know, I owe a lot to everyone who drops by my blog. Thank you for all the comments. Thank you for all the encouraging words. I'm grateful that God did not leave me with nothing. When 'that' door closed (as for now), another opened the day after. I considered that as a sign that this might not be the right time and there's a better opportunity waiting, I just need to wait for that. 

I was teary eyed when my mom told me (though not verbatim):

"Hindi pa siguro ngayon ang panahon mo para diyan. May mas magandang plano ang Diyos sa'yo. Buksan mo muna ang sarili mo sa ibang pinto. Next time na lang ulit. " 

"Malay mo sa mas maganda ka ilagay ni Lord. Huwag mo munang ipilit ngayon. Baka hindi ka pa hinog. Magtrabaho ka muna ulit dito at mas maghanda ka sa mga susunod. Honor na rin yang narating mo." 

My friends also told me a lot of uplifting words. I would agree with my best friend "don't ever think you're not good enough just because you didn't get in". With my mom's, cousin's and friends words, who would not feel better? I woke up this morning with a light heart. No worries. No hang ups. Sometimes, we just have to be brave enough to accept the unknown. If our moms know best, God also knows best. Don't ever give up people! It's hurting to fail especially when you're almost there but still didn't make it.  The pain might be there for some time, but it would subside soon. I learned to take things easy and not to put pressure on me. I still have so many years to make my lifetime dream come true. Patience would always be a virtue! 

Last Tuesday, I attended the 6 PM mass for our Lady of Fatima of Portugal. The image visited our parish and I know this would be very timely for me to attend masses and novenas. Bishop Chito Tagle's homily was touching. I would summarize some points:

Ang Diyos, loyal din sa mga taong loyal sa kanya. Ibibigay niya ang hinihingi natin sa tamang panahon.



Anonymous said...


i totally feel for u girl! btw, nice blog!!!

jO_AnNe on 9:51 PM said...

Thank You.

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