Saturday, August 07, 2010

My Life as a Mass Media Major

I was at DLSU-Taft last Tuesday. I picked up a document I requested a week ago. I arrived past 5:00 PM since my English Fluency Training ended minutes before 4:30. I missed my school so much! I missed everything in it- my friends, professors, library, canteen, sj walk, etc. I missed doing documentaries, research papers, etc. How I wish it would be possible to PRESS REWIND so I could go back in time and do them again!

So what did I do as a Mass Media Major? This might be a photo loaded entry. I just want to share a bit of me to the whole world.
1. Doing an AVP/Documentary:
The photos above were snapshots from one of our projects submitted for a major subject. It's exciting to host a documentary. I love being the host. Whenever we have projects like this, I would volunteer to host.

2. Interviews with People

3. Watching Theater plays
It seemed like every term, I had to go to PETA (E.Rodriguez, QC) to watch a play. We were always required since we had to make a reaction paper after watching the play. Not bad at all, at least, I have experienced the feel of getting inside a theater to watch a live performance, not the taped ones like that of movies.

4. Assisting at/Attending Talks

Bienvenido Lumbera Talk  08 

Assisting at Pambansang Seminar for Teachers 07
Usapang Radyo with Ms. Nicole Hyala of 90.7 (07)
Philippine Daily Inquirer
House of Magdalena Jalandoni
Miag Ao Church, Miag Ao
Miag Ao Church: One of Unesco's World Heritage
Sarabia Manor with Former President Erap Estrada
Going to Guimaras
6. Paper works, research papers, thesis, quizzes, exams, etc.

Saying I enjoyed my stay at my school and I enjoyed my life there would be an understatement. I could no longer think of any words to describe my life as a mass media major. I maybe leaving that world to pursue my real passion (fingers crossed*I'm going to chase my dream*I'd go chasing my wings til I got 'em ) but I'd always keep in mind all the lessons. I would say my course shaped me to be determined in everything I wanted to have and to always aim for the things I love.
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