Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coffee after Novena

Weeks ago, my friend, Chai told me about this cafe located at Taft Avenue. She asked me if I've heard about Cafe Noriter, I said it sounded new to me, maybe it was not there yet during the time I was at La Salle. She said the place looked cool and it would be a perfect place for us to take our pictures. So I checked the place via google and results said it was located at the 2nd Floor of Tapa King. Now, I know, and now my answer was right, it wasn't there before I graduated. 

 From the cafe's website:
Noriter(Korean Term) meant Playground. 
From the name itself, Cafe Noriter would be a good place to chill and have fun. 

After attending the 11 am novena at St.Jude, Chai and I had our lunch at KFC and then later on headed to Quiapo to look for something. After battling the heat at Quiapo, we're all set to check out Cafe Noriter

As expected, I had some sort of reminiscing my La Salle days. I missed my alma mater and would definitely miss it now that I'm back home. The traffic situation at Taft Avenue was just the same as before, there had also been some changes like Cafe Noriter, California Berry, Deco's etc., and I would like to mention the renovation of University Mall (U.M.). 

Cafe Noriter, like what I've mentioned was at the 2nd Floor of Tapa King (Estrada cor.), across DLSU and if via Estrada St, it would be across Tropical Hut. You wouldn't miss Tapa King. It was the company's second branch, first was at Dumaguete.

The place was not  jam packed when we arrived, well, less than what I expected. Before we ordered, we took photos first then photos again while waiting for our blended Frappucino. By the way, they also had smoothies, so if you're not into coffee, better try fruit drinks. Starbucks had more varieties and a little cheaper. They also had pastries but I would still crave for Cinnamon Roll and Cinnanmon Swirl. 

Although I'm already 22, I'm still a kid by heart :) 
I appreciate the express-yourself-cups near their "kitchen". 

You could design your cups, just ask for assistance:

Unlike all other coffee shops, Cafe Noriter, was and I think, the only place where I saw students sleeping. Yeah, literally. Anyway, I still appreaciate the place giving a carefree, free spirited, cozy and playful aura. The white walls reminded me of the Korean TV Series, Coffee Prince.  
wall design

 This was actually a table:

 We could not help but notice the tables. I like the idea of putting pictures of some landmarks, random photos and drawings of whatever. Pouring out your creative juices would not be so bad!

another table
In a way, the place looked like a classroom / laboratory too with the rectangular black board on the side and a long table.

The place,when it comes to the interior was really far from all other coffee shops that were of minimalists. Cafe Noriter would not be the best place for you to study. Different voices enveloped the place. You could never memorize even a single sentence from your lesson if you would want to stay there before your quiz. Stay at the library instead, or maybe at Starbucks, but not at Cafe Noriter. The place was not conducive for serious tasks or matters. :P If you just want to hang out or catch up with your long lost friends, they're open from Monday - Saturday,(9:00 am-11:00 pm from Mondays thru Fridays and 11:00 am - 10:00 pm every Saturday) .

*photos courtesy of Chai


charlie on 11:58 PM said...

i soooo want to have coffee here.. so Coffee Prince-ish nga noh? hehe.. nice.. how's the coffee?

jO_AnNe on 5:35 PM said...

Mas type ko pa rin ang Starbucks sis,hehe, hindi namin gusto yung inorder namin, parang ice cream lang,hehe. pero sabi nung isa kong friend masarap ang Kiwi Smoothie :)

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