Friday, July 16, 2010

Typhoon and The New Government

I'm back after 2 days! Blame it to Typhoon Basyang! We did not think it would cause so much disaster! I was not able to go to Baclaran last Wednesday because we did not have electricity and I could not prepare myself. I do not want to leave our house without taking a bath. It's a MUST and would always be. 

I felt like the autumn came when I saw our backyard the morning after the typhoon hit Cavite! The leaves of our trees were all over our yard! I saw our lovebirds trying to dry their wet feathers!

In a larger picture:

A number of people died, but Basyang, still was not as severe as Ondoy. The MRT and LRT might not be fully operational the day after the typhoon struck, at least, Metro Manila did not look like a sea with cars floating and people crying for help all over the city.

I admire how P-NOY reacted after the typhoon. I was watching the news and was able to see that he included mats on the relief goods he gave to the people of Delpan (Tondo, Manila). In all fairness, it would be great so people did not have to bear the cold floors of their evacuation area. I think it was a good start for P-Noy as some might have lost their trust to our government.

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