Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Part 1

THIS morning, while I'm preparing myself for the Wednesday's novena at Baclaran, an HR staff from Banco De Oro called me at our landline. She just asked a few questions and invited me for an interview tomorrow at their Greenhills building. I am advised to bring a copy of my resume so when I went to a mall with my mom, I asked her to buy two cartridges (black and colored) since the cartridges are already empty and fainted areas are all over the whole document when printed. While I'm doing a test print, the problem still persists. I continue clicking the head cleaning icon and printed the last part of my resume until a message appear telling me that my printer needs a service because a part inside the printer needs a replacement. Shoot! Add to this is the newly installed black cartridge which is now LOW. Errr. Thank goodness mom is not mad at me. hehe. I thought she's going to make a little sermon but I'm glad it turned the other way around since I told her right away that my printer needs a service :P

Back to BDO, I am going tomorrow. I'll be taking an exam too and their exam has an Accounting part. Goodluck to me! I don't have a background in Accounting or shall I say I have a little background but it has been years ago since I have been taught of it. I am a Mass Media graduate so what will you expect? Algebra 101 is the only Math subject in my entire college life!  I have some notes on Accounting during my BPI days but we did not have a thorough lesson on it. I'll just do whatever I can and entrust the rest to God.

Applying to BDO does not mean I am giving up my dream of becoming a cabin crew. Like what I've mentioned in one of my previous posts, I need a temporary job that will help me pursue my application. Its costly to apply for the cabin crew position because there are things where you have to invest in like the suit and make up. A suit may cost you more than a thousand bucks. Well,when it comes to make up, it depends on the brand, but I don't think your P500 will suffice.
Tomorrow, I'll be waking up early to apply for a job I consider "temporary". I am really serious on pursuing my dream of becoming a cabin crew and I will not give up until I am 35. I'm 22 now, still far from the max age limit. 

To be continued.

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