Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Sunday

I'm having a healthy Sunday! Literally and figuratively! :)

1. Attended the 8 am mass with mom and siblings. I started the day hearing the Word of God. My Sunday will not be complete without going to Church and hearing God's message. My heart rejoices with what God wanted to tell me. Especially now that I feel like everything in me is on recession. Sounds cliche but I'll say this for the nth time: Nothing is impossible with God. 

2. Breakfast at Kenny Rogers:
Health buff mode! Hehe :)
All Veggie Salad + Caesar dressing + Chicken Macaroni Salad + Chicken Soup
I'm more serious with my diet. I haven't reached my target weight :| !  I'll never give up on my 'no rice diet'!

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lady747 on 12:36 PM said...

I love kenny rogers! one of my favorite fastfood restaurants. :D Favorite ko yung Healthy Plate nila :)

Just dropping by to say hullo! :D

jO_AnNe on 2:28 PM said...

Hi Lady747! :)
Try ko rin ang Healthy plate next time :)

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