Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hello July!

It's been 7 months of no work, no salary and no savings just because I've been waiting for that big thing to happen in my life. There's one thing I realized as I browsed through my copy of I Kissed Dating Goodbye: HUSTLE WHILE YOU WAIT. I promised myself that I'll be looking for a local job to support my fa applications, skin care needs, and to pay my bills. At least, I don't have to spend my every day thinking of how soon is soon, why not find a job and pursue my dream of getting the elusive wings. I know it's possible that I'll be skipping a day's work just to pass my resume, picture and have myself pre-screened but every worthy thing needs a droplet of sacrifice. :)
Today's the first day of July. I have to invite more positive vibes to come. Goodbye June. Hello New Month. A new strand of hope awaits! Let go of the negative things and let GOD.

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