Thursday, July 01, 2010

1) L♥ve; 2) L♥ve

One of my closest cousins (maternal side) is getting married on December! It will already be a cliche to say: time flies so fast but I just have to say it again! As much as I want to see her wedding, I'm also wishing hard that by the time she's walking down the aisle, I'm already flying or training to fly! hehe.
Here's an old photo of me and my cousin taken after our other cousin's wedding:

CAUTION:Some parts may seem emotional, cheesy, mushy, err,whatever you call it!
I just read a friend's blog entry about moving forward. I have a very boring love/personal life! Haha. But I don't see it negatively. If I want to commit myself to someone, just for the sake of joining the band and for the sake of having one, I could have said yes to someone last year. But, BUT.,I am not in a hurry and it's not my priority. I know some of my high school batchmates who already settled down. Some of my friends  are happy to be in a relationship. My cousin who is just months younger than me is in a relationship and is already on a long term relationship with her boyfriend. Sometimes I want to think if I'm already left behind but it's only a want-to-think feeling and not "should".
For almost 2 years, my heart beats for only one guy. He's just a town away but still seems so far. I haven't seen him for a year, but I know if I see him again, the feeling will not change. I know he's happy for all the achievements he received at a tender age of 21. I know I SHOULD keep moving on. Just like what I'm trying to do. I'm a person who will never make the first move to be with that one person I like or love. I always believe that if a person likes me, nothing can stop him from pursuing me.
He has a list of priorities and I also have my own.
Just like him, career is my priority.
It pays to chase for my dream career and I cannot afford to raise a white flag.
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aron on 11:18 PM said...

Maybe the stars arent align yet. hehe!

jO_AnNe on 11:31 AM said...

maybe! :)

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