Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have an interview by 3 PM with CSB for the research assistant/assoiate post. Last night, I made up my mind that I'd be attending the interview. I woke up 7:30 am. Opened my laptop so I could transfer the files I obtained from my old pc since I was instructed to bring a sample research and I don't have any research saved in my laptop. I was about to read the sample research only to realize that it was not complete. I remembered the complete file was with my partner (since we worked in pair). I don't have any more files here except for my thesis which was 170 pages and written in Filipino. While I was eating breakfast, I decided not to go anymore, maybe if I had a good sample research (in English) that I could present, I'd grab the chance. I know it's another missed opportunity but I still believe God would understand why I did not take the opportunity.

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