Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Opening

Cebu Pacific is continuously hiring! I've checked their site and found that they're screening candidates every Monday of this month  starting June 7 for their Manila Screening (except on June 14 which will resume on June 15). They also have a screening in Davao on the 24th. I believe they have a different process now. The first day will be like CV submission and physical screening as what they stated on their advertisement (meaning, no interviews unlike their usual process before).
See Screenshot:

Visit: CEBU PACIFIC to read the complete details.

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mel kesiah said...

thanks for this information. more kah-pow! Hapi new year! ^.^

joannecams on 7:11 PM said...

Hi Mel Kesiah, you're welcome. I suggest you visit their website, they will be having a recruitment this month and it will start next week. Check their website for the schedule :) Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

hi joanne, ive been reading your blog, coz i want also to become a flight attendant, thats my dream job too,hehe! i hope u can post about the procedures in applying, how is it done, like how they r doing during screening, is it ok to have braces, is it really needed to be flawless,what shoul be the attire when applying.. during interviews, what is the most common questions they ask.. hoping for your reply joann, coz i want to know, so atleast i have my idea if ever i go to airlines... thank u joan, god bless u. =)

joannecams on 7:50 PM said...

Hello! :)
I apologize but I cannot post pictures because I don't have any. Re the procedures and how it is done, I just want to ask, are you asking for Cebu Pacific alone? Because different airlines have (somewhat) different procedures.
Braces - depends on the airline. Some don't mind it when you're applying, especially if they like you. They will just ask you to remove your braces if they will hire you. However, there are airlines that do not consider applicants with braces and retainers.
Flawless - not really. I think one or two pimple is okay, but acne is not. As long as you can conceal your flaws, it's okay :D
Attire - Business Attire
short sleeved blouse (pref with collar), corporate coat/blazer, knee length skirt, CLOSED shoes.

regarding the interview questions,based on my observation, most airlines will ask you to introduce or describe yourself, the next questions are either based on your resume or some personal ones not written in your resume.

If you still need to ask something, please free to send me an email. My email address is indicated on the "about me" portion.

Thanks :)

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