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An Article to Remember

When you want something in life, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it 
- Paulo Coelho
Bienvenido a Madrid!

I've read one article in The Manila Bulletin's May 9 (Sunday) issue entitled: Books and Roses written by Amanda Jaucian Balneg. The article had an image of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist and what made me more curious about the article was the author's introduction about dragging herself to work because she got bored already. She was kind of tired sitting for 8 hours in her cubicle and she didn't like it. Balneg knew she was meant to travel. She wanted to travel and learn another language because she thought it would be her passport to do what she believes she's meant for. Along the way, she didn't know how to get to what she called her "destination" .Like everybody else who wanted to make their dream into a reality, the author believed in God. To quote her:
"God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. I just had to read the omens that He left for me".
Balneg found a sign from her Spanish professor when they were told that they could get an all expense paid trip to the Iberian Peninsula if they would be continuing their Spanish classes and apply for a scholarship.  She continued studying Spanish. She worked 6 1/2 days a week and attended intensive evening classes for 4 times a week. The author quoted Paulo Coelho as she shared that moment of her life:
"Why don't people's hearts tell them to continue to follow their dreams? The boy asked the Alchemist. The latter replied, "Because that's what makes a heart suffer most and hearts don't like to suffer".
 Balneg received the result of the scholarship grant through email. She said her eyes were glued to the word CONGRATULATIONS. She made it to Spain and eventually travelled and explored. To quote her:
"Looking back, it wasn't magic that got me to where I wanted to be. In Alchemy, it is called the Soul of the World..when you want something..all the universe.."
 While reading her article, I started seeing my present to her past. Learning a foreign language interests me. When I was younger, the Atlas was my favorite book. Photos of different places around the world fascinated me. I love Geography. I once thought of taking up European Studies in college to learn either French or Spanish and then apply to work for the Department of Foreign Affairs  or look for flight attendant jobs. The latter pursued even if I didn't take up European Studies. I'm still on my journey to get hold of my elusive dream. I've failed many times. Sometimes, the failure pushes my mind to surrender, but I know  I should not and I could not. I believe with what the author said that God leaves omens to the path we're taking we just have to be aware, very aware. I'm very sure God has reasons for those failed airline applications, all I need to do is do my part, meaning, just apply, do everything I can and God will do the rest.

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Anonymous said...

hi! M red... m always dreaming to be an F.A but m only 5 1/2. Airlines always require height for the said position. Lately I met a brother on r church saying his friend bcame an F.A n cebu wd d height of 5flat, how possible would dat be?... i remembr he told me that woman is beautiful, wud it b posible to get hired evn f ur only 5flat as long as u hav a prity face? thanx

Joanne Camet on 2:41 PM said...

Hi Red! It really depends on the recruiters and the only way to know whether you can is to try. They can be lenient with their standards. As what most will say, if the recruiters like you and if it's really your time, you'll definitely be hired.

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