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I went to Airphil with Cams. I wouldn't be ashamed to say I didn't pass! But for the benefit of those who wanted to try, I'd tell you my story so you would have an idea of their interview process. We arrived around past 11. The guard called the office to inform them that there were still applicants on the gate. The guard was advised to let us went back by 1:30 pm. We ate lunch in front of Cebu Pacific's In flight Center and went back at 1:30. By around 2 PM, our resumes were asked and a few minutes after, a lady called us to check our height, weight, and to fill up a one page form.We waited at the lobby for our one on one interview. I was the second one to be called. As soon as I entered the room. I said Good Afternoon Sir with a smile. Let's just call him Sir X. I could not remember him saying his name. He asked me to put my bag on the chair near him. He checked my arms and asked me to stay a few steps away from him. He asked me to introduce myself or say something about myself for 3 minutes. He asked me to read an announcement. It was an announcement you'd hear on board. After that, he threw several questions to me. I'd tell you what I could recall because he asked me a lot (in random):
Were you a dean's lister during College? He read on my CV that I put consistent Deans Lister.
Consistent. What do you mean consistent?
What rank?
How many are you in the household?
I told him we're 5 but most of the time, we're only 4 because my father is an OFW.
Where is your father working?
Tell me a person you admire. It should be a person I know.
Do you know someone who is repulsive?
What do you think of Willie Revillame?
What do you do during your free time?
What is your favorite show? (I answered Langit sa Piling Mo)
When was the last time you cried? Followed by, If you don't mind, what's the reason why you cried?
When was the last time or where there a time na naiyak ka dahil sa sobrang galit? (
He spoke Filipino. hehe so I answered in Filipino)
Have you attended PAL or CEB PACIFIC'S interview?
Any wild guess. How much do we offer?
If it's okay, can you tell me how much do you receive from the bank?
What can you say about your mother?
What can you say about your father?
What was your friend's first impression on you?
When you're a kid,what does your mother say about you?
Do you have any scars on your legs?

Those were the questions I could recall. Also, in the middle of the interview, he asked me to walk from one point to another. He also noticed my hands turning blue! Haha. That prompted him to stop asking questions for a while  to let himself see my hands closer. He asked, are you cold? Gosh, blame it to the changing temperature! Hot to cold to hot to cold, errr. By the way, I was standing all throughout the interview.  After the interview, he asked me to wait outside. I saw the lady guard holding the result. I saw she was holding
a small piece of paper. I knew right then and there I didn't pass because of that small paper. That was the same size of paper I received from PAL several months back. I'm not bragging but I thought Sir X was interested because the interview was quite long compared to the interviews I've been in the past. Actually, it was even longer than my interviews with other industries.

I saw a plane outside the office. Cams and I ended up taking a solo picture with the plane on the background.  I guess, 2P would be the last local airline I would try.

I was a bit disappointed to see the we regret to inform you blah blah blah,but I'm very sure,God has a better plan. I know God wouldn't let me wait this long if He does not have a good plan. His plans are better than my plans.

For those who are asking if Air Phil is the same with Airphil Express. YES!
Air Phil relaunched itself and is now named Air Philippines Express.

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Anonymous said...

hello sis, I must say, although some of the questions were rude, I think I want to try airphil! haha

anyways, I have linked you in my blog. Thank you for visiting. I have not yet tried ELF but I have heard from it. If I see their products I will most likely try it. What products from ELF would you recommend? :)

jO_AnNe on 7:28 AM said...

Thank You for visiting too! :)
I recommend their tone correcting concealer, eyeshadow and their eyelash curler. :)

kaykrizz on 2:44 PM said...

Hi sis!
Thank you for sharing these to others who may want to try out airphil.
you know what we have a saying here once someone from 2p quits or resigns or is fired, they really do go to a better place (like enternational airlines, etc. )I believe it is true! And look at you now! you are working as an intl FA!

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