Monday, May 17, 2010


Two of my girl friends and I planned a little summer getaway! Our first plan was to go to La Union but it did not pursue. We ended up going to a resort not distant from the city - CLUB MANILA EAST.
We arrived around almost 9 am and the place was starting to be jampacked, but due to the vast area and several pools, there were some parts that looked like the resort's had just opened. Before plunging, we tour around and took some photos.
Let the photos do the story telling (all photos courtesy of Timmy):
At the entrance

Before going inside:

Photo ops:
(with Michi and Timmy)

Kayak. But we failed to try! Boo!!!
Beach wave behind us:
Battling the heat at the ocean wave! They also have the surfing area at the far right side. They offer Surfing Lessons for 1500. The man made waves were not yet operational that time we had our photo taken.
Our first ever stop, this,I think was the balsa, I'm not sure how they call this.
We're not the girls at the second photo. :p It was just the picture of what we had on our first stop.
We also tried the shaded pool and  their bean pool before having our lunch. 
For our lunch, we bought food at a Chowking Kiosk near the ocean waves. 
(L-R): Michi, I and Timmy
Burning the fats. Kids at heart. Man made falls plus the mushroom shade at the Kiddie Pool.

Timmy unleashed her adventurous side by falling in line to try for the only gigantic slide at the resort.
 Practice makes perfect. I tried applying what I've learned from my SJ1 lessons at Bert Lozada Swimming School. We spent an hour or more at the lap pool.

Before going home, we tried the ocean wave for the second time. Funny how I saw someone who looked like someone from the past! He looked like A's copycat! Hahaha.
By 4:30, we took the shower and prepared ourselves. By 5:30, we're all done and ready to go home with a story to tell. 
Humongous Halo Halo! That made me crave for Chowking's halo halo. =))

Saying we had so much fun was given and obvious. So let me just say, Summer would always be great and complete if you would spend time with friends.

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timmy ferrer said...

super love it! :)) nag-enjoy ako basahin. haha. namiss ko tuloy. ulitin natin to, but this time we're gonna go OUT OF TOWN! kahit north or south. (pero mas gusto ko north kasi parang nagsawa nako sa south! hahaha!) FUN FUN FUN!!! :)) love ya sis! huuuugss!

Mariel on 5:49 PM said...

Nice photos sis! I enjoyed reading this post. My place is actually near the resort. I think I'll be going there one of these days.. Glad you had fun with your friends. :D

jO_anne on 6:40 PM said...

thanks sis!!! Super FUN!!! hahaha =))
tara!nakakatuwa kasi nakakatravel tayo together, sayang lang talaga yung La Union nung 08,Baguio naman next! you too!!!hug hug

jO_anne on 6:40 PM said...

@Mariel: thank you sis! :)

cagayan de oro resorts on 5:39 PM said...

Definitely will come back, it was a bit crowded when I went there during the summer time. I think will comeback during off peak season. I have lots of fun because there are so many things to do than just swim around. I recommend this resort to people who plan on a quick weekend getaway to spend some time bonding.

jO_AnNe on 6:55 PM said...

I agree! I think you will enjoy more if the place is not crowded. You have more time to use all the amenities. :)

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