Thursday, May 06, 2010

Open Day

Take a look on this:

The details are not yet available at IPAMS' site, but I'm sure they will post the information very soon.
I guess this is not only for females as they do not have the reminder: female only

QR's Open Day (OD) is the first day (1/3 days) of screening, if you get the call at the end of the day (or maybe the second day itself as I've read in PEX), they will advise you to come the day after for the assessment day (AD- 2/3). Final interview (FI) will be the third and last day (3/3).

  • For the first day, these are the usual requirements:
  • 4r photo (whole body in sky blue background)
  • passport size photo (in sky blue background)
  • resume
  •  should come in business attire
For the 4R Photo:
When you have your photo taken at any Great Image branch, the photographer will really help and instruct you on how you will project. I have tried other photo studios but some will not even tell you what to do, so if you really do not have an idea on how will you project, you'll feel like your photo could have been better only if you choose another photo studio. Prices on Great Image are higher than other photo studios but their service is better than other studios I've gone to. Prices may also vary per (Great Image) branch.

If by any chance you decided to create an account at IPAMS, they have a 4r photo sample.
Here are some bloggers (FAs) who shared their whole body photo:

My tip: Up to date, I have not yet attended a QR AD, I cannot give any further tips except that you come in early so you can seat in front. If you come in early, you'll finish early. I hope to get hired soon so that I can give more helpful tips. :)


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