Saturday, May 08, 2010

Oh May!

MAY, the fifth month of the year. I know it's been a year and half since I graduated. I already worked for a known bank but, there's this place that I miss so much - SCHOOL.
In DLSU, since it follows a tri-semester/trimester system, school year starts as early as May, and this is one of the reasons why I can't help but look back. There are times when I do read my previous posts that contain my life as a student and it makes me sentimental. Although being in school entails a responsibility that will lead to frequent sleepless nights and etc, still, I will not trade my life as a student to a year of being a bum. Doing my paper works is a lot easier than finding a job, more so, reaching for yor dream job.

I miss school because I miss my friends too! I miss the times we'll just stay at the 'conscious walk' waiting for someone to pass by,  doing a crazy boy hunting, studying for our exam, exchanging stories, eating at our university's canteens, staying inside the library and etc. I miss those precious moments.

I miss school because I miss my everyday routine of going to one of our chapels before my first class. It's my way of making sure that everything will be alright and that my stressful life will be paid off.

I miss school because it reminds me that dreams can turn to reality as long as we don't know the word SURRENDER; as long as you know that GOD EXISTS; and as long as you're trying to live through the words: perseverance, diligence, strength, courage, motivation and optimism. If there are still words I failed to include, let me know :)

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