Sunday, May 02, 2010

Game and Reality

Out of boredom,I took a quiz in Facebook trying to find out my marrying age, and the result: 25. That will be 3 years from now, but still a long way. At 22, I'm still single, not searching and not in a hurry to jump into a relationship. What's more important to me now is to land on my dream career, which is to be a flight attendant. Rejections from my previous applications will not make me raise the white flag. I can stay single but not without a career as I say.

Most of my cousins are either married or in a relationship. My 2 cousins (maternal side) who are on their middle and early 20s are in a relationship while I? Still single for more than half a decade. I've been in love, been hurt, moved on and the rest is history. Every family gathering, most likely, our relatives will ask me, may boyfriend ka ba? I will just shake my head in response to them,but they will not believe me, as if I'm keeping the truth to my mom. Sometimes, I feel like,why they expect me to have a boyfriend? Is that unusual? Haha.

25 is my ideal age of settling down.,BEFORE.
Now, I know that when I turn 25, I'm still enjoying things. Hopefully by that time, I've already flown and will be flying to so many more destinations around the globe. With the question of Mr.Real? Only God knows who will be the right person and when the right time will be.

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Anonymous said...

anong airlines po ang hiring ask ko lang po miss. joann

jO_AnNe on 2:36 PM said...

Hello! :)
AS of this time for DOMESTIC AIRLINES:


QATAR - CV Submission on August 21 0900-1200 at the Manila Diamond Hotel.

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