Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Election 2010

It's a great feeling once you saw the message:
Congratulations your vote has been registered!
Yesterday was the second time I participated for the election,my first time was last 2007, during the local and senatorial election, but, the excitement was with me days before the big day. It was not just because it's the first time we had the automated election, but, because of the feeling of hope, HOPE for the CHANGE we've been longing to have in our country.
I'm always proud to be a voter. I'm a bit disappointed kapag may pumapasok na tingin ko ay MAY MAS deserving. I'm not speaking for the presidential and vice presidential race, I did vote for Noy but not for Binay, but I'm not anti Binay. I once thought of voting for him, but in the end ang shade ko ay nasa bilog na hugis itlog beside Mar's name.

I did not really have a hard time staying in the long line unlike my mom, kasi mas konti yung botante dun sa room kung saan naka-cluster yung precint ko. Pero grabe yung iba, seryosong mahina na ang 2 hours of waiting bago makaboto. I've seen long queues sa ibang mga presinto doon sa school kung saan ako bumoto. In my part, I think, mga 30 minutes lang ako including the "shading" part. Nanginginig ako while voting siguro dahil I'm a bit nervous kung anong pwedeng mangyari sa balota, na dahil sensitive, hindi pwedeng mabasa or madumihan and etc,siyempre I wanted my vote to be counted, kaya naman nung natapos na ako at pinalagay na sa PCOS yung balota, I'm praying na sana makita ko yung "congratulations" and I'm honored I did!
For me, it's an honor to be a voter, it's our right to vote and it's a responsibility. Minsan nga lang, hindi nananalo yung binoboto natin, but at least, we did our part, we tried letting our voice be heard on our own way.

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