Sunday, May 30, 2010


I did not divulge in any of my previous posts that I'd be attending QR's Manila Open Day which took place yesterday. I would not be ashamed to tell you that, I was, again, UNSUCCESSFUL. No phone call. No text message informing me to go back for the second day. It hurts but I would be moving on with a smile on my face. Yes, Qatar Airways  was my dream airline but it was not meant for me, maybe not NOW or not really for me at all. I would still be thankful to God even if I didn't get in, at least, I was given the chance to try and meet the recruiters. I knew, in a way, I might have given something more for the recruiters to see and for me to convince them that I could be one of their cabin crews, but I have no regrets. I'm sure God prepared something bigger and better for me. I'd never give up on my dream to become a cabin crew, especially now that I given most of my time and effort just to achieve it.

God was never selfish. If you ask something, He'd give it to you, at the right place and at the right time. I guess, my patience was being tested again yesterday and there's no other answer for that but to lengthen my patience, it's a virtue. IN GOD'S TIME, I WILL.WE WILL.

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Danileen Ann on 4:17 PM said...


jO_anne on 5:28 PM said...

thank you sis :)

supercamsie08 on 7:20 PM said...

your works are not in vain sis!love love!we'll fly real soon!

jO_anne on 11:10 PM said...

yeah! thanks sis! lovezzzz you!

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