Thursday, April 15, 2010

Visita Iglesia 2010

Maundy Thursday 09, I went to Tagaytay with two highschool friends (Jana and Jaymee) and officemates. Seeing the visita was a good idea, Jana and I decided to make it an annual thing. "Friends that pray together stay together" :)

We just visited 3 churches last year, but this year, we visited 7 plus we were able to have the station of the cross.

This would be a photo-loaded entry.

1. first stop was at the Jesus Christ the Shepherd Parish. I was not able to have even a single photo taken. I even asked my friend about the name of the church. It was a small church though across SM.

2.Our Lady of La Salette, Silang Cavite. Our second stop and where we had the stations of the cross.  It's a good decision we had the stations there because of two reasons: lesser people and big space.

3. Rogationist College. My high school alma mater. Felt good to be home! We included it in our itinerary at least we did not only pray but we also made a short visit. GMA's First Time used to shoot on our school.

with my friends (L-R): jana, jaymee and I.
 the new building (with glasses)
the stairs

4. SVD. Another location for GMA's first time!  I've been there once when I was a highschool sophomore. We had our cheerdance (I was once part of it! haha. ) practice at their gymnasium. The church was colorful. I didn't take a photo of the church's interior as I thought it would be a sign of disrespect.

A known retreat house too.
Mama Mary
US,friends :)
5. Pink Sisters. It's a nice church to be. If you're planning to go to Tagaytay. I suggest you include this in your itinerary. During the holy week, you could see the nuns praying one by one at the altar. There's a border between the pews and the spot where they used to pray.
with friends 

The church
6. Our Lady of Lourdes. No photo. It's located along the highway, near the fruit stands. You wouldn't miss this when you're on a Tagaytay Trip.
7. Ina ng Laging Saklolo. This church's near Picnic Grove. It's a small church along the highway. Across was the parking lot where you could already have the view of Taal Lake/Volcano.

I started the visita feeling depressed on my failed applications but I felt better having visited churches. I felt good having a moment of silence, talking to God, and being honest of my feelings. In this activity, I learned how to keep my faith intact. I'm hopeful that everything would be fine.

After having our lunch at Max's, we called it a day. I didn't want to go home yet as I wanted to unwind and set my worries aside, but my friends had to go home. There's always a next time! :)
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