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I had thought of spending my birthday at Tagaytay, either with my family or with my friends, but the first one seemed to be unclear. Last weekend, Jana asked me if I'm free on the 17th, she invited me for a lunch at Tagaytay, she added,chill lang tayong Caldo!  I said it would be a great idea! I love Tagaytay! It's the nearest place from my hometown where I could unwind and spend a day of fun with my high school friends.

Friday, April 16, still no text message from Jana. I was unsure if the plan would still pursue! While I was on my way home to Moa,Jana said that we'd meet by 11 am at Starbucks (Magallanes). I immediately asked permission from mom and she allowed me. When I got home, I was hesitating if I would still go to Tagaytay because I wanted to buy something from Robinsons the next day. My friends kept on saying I should be there, and so I thought, minsan lang to!Go na!  Jana thought I would not come, Bryan even called me home,  I said, niloloko ko lang si Jana, pupunta na talaga ako. Bryan said, he would not bring a car because he still had chores to do.

Saturday,  April 17, I felt like I was too lazy to get up and prepare myself but at the same time, I was excited to see my friends, and to see Tagaytay even if I've been there many times. The thought of going to Tagaytay excites me! The 10 am meeting time was not followed as  I came 30 minutes after. It didn't take so much time before we got bus going to Tagaytay.  We arrived at Starbucks Magallanes a few minutes before 12. Jana wasn't there yet. Joanah, Bobbie and I waited for 1 hour. We were hungry! I thought they won't be coming anymore. By 1:30 pm, I saw my friends coming! I thought, baka naman surprise to ah!  I wasn't wrong! My friends planned it! My best friend, who celebrated her birthday last Friday surprised me. I remembered, I was telling her then that I was hoping to see her one of these days! I really know nothing about their plans. The birthday surprise was not only for me, it was for Tin (my bestfriend), Bobbie and I.

 Joanah said,they had been exchanging messages on facebook about the birthday surprise they had been preparing. I was elated! I didn't expect they would do that. I love surprises! Bryan brought a car. It wasn't true he had a family something last Saturday! It was planned that we (Bobbie and I) had to arrive ahead of them. My best friend didn't tell me she was invited to come with us at Tagaytay, she was advised by Bryan not to tell me. My friend, Jaymee, said she knew the the birthday surprise! When I got inside a car, I even saw a box of red ribbon cake! I was really touched by what they did! I'm really blessed to have them. If there's one aspect of my life where I've been so lucky ever since, it would be on friendship side ( aside from my family of course). Thank You sooooo much friends!!! Maybe the saturday thing was one of the many reasons why I wasn't in Korea now :)

Us (L-R) Bobbie, Chai, Vinch, Jolo, Yours truly, Jana, Tin, Joanah
(L-R) Bobbie, Chai, Vinch, Jolo, Bry, Joanah, Yours truly and Tin

Lunch at Sizzing Pepper Steak where a b*t*h also ate! (There's one b*t*h who even called the staff to advise us to lower our voice because they were being disturbed! Don't eat on a resto! Take your lunch at your house! She even looked like a social climber! She didn't even bother dressing up her kids well! Gosh, I hate saying it, I'm sorry. I didn't like what she did. That was our first time to experienced being approached by the staff. Plus,she could have said it the right way without offending us. I have experienced eating at a resto seeing a group of people talking and laughing but I didn't mind. I didn't tell them to lower the voice. It's public place, it's a free place. I understand). I'm sorry for that.
Lunch at Sizzling Pepper Steak. After so many weeks,I've experienced eating rice for lunch.
Girls, I looked so fat, haha
The Boys(trying a jump shot)

The melting cake! Haha, (At Jolo's place)

Make a wish.,

Blow the candle!


Surprise! Surprise!
From my friends:

I enjoyed! Super! Like I said, nothing could ever beat a day with friends =)
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Mariel on 1:02 PM said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Joanne! You're lucky to have such sweet friends. I'm glad you enjoyed your day. :D

jO_anne on 1:26 PM said...

Thank You sis :)

charlene0811 on 8:17 PM said...

i totally agree!!! im glad you liked our lil surprise!!!

jO_anne on 9:14 PM said...

Of course! Basta galing sa inyo! cheesy?? =))

ladivaprincessa on 11:46 PM said...

Haha! Mareeee! Ngayon ko lang nabasa tong blog mo. Nakakatawa, pangalan ko agad nakita ko! Haha! Well, I'm glad you liked our surprise! :) Sorry at na-late kami, alam mo na kung bakit. Haha!

jO_anne on 10:51 AM said...

@Jana: Hahaha! Okay lang yun!Alam mo that time napatunayan ko na malakas instinct ng mga babae, nagdududa na nga ako nun na baka may surprise kayo! hahahaha. Feelingera much? =P

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