Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's been a few days since my last update. I'm always sleepy or not in the mood to update. I've been spending the week for my swimming class, and surfing the net to check my: mail, facebook and look for part time jobs.

Speaking of part time jobs, as much as I would like to keep myself all available for future ODs, Screenings etc for the cabin crew position, I know I have to be practical. It's very costly to apply for that job. Imagine the amount of photos you have to submit; make up; the shoes; suit; and etc, I don't want to compute for everything! I realized, I have to work again, even for a part time or freelance job so I can support myself for all the things I need for future applications.  Sooner or later all of my resources will become ZERO if I will not do something. I know God will always guide me in whatever I plan to pursue for this moment. Certainly, God knows I will do everything for my dream job. 

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CMW on 9:41 PM said...

Hi Joanne,

Have you tried odesk na ba? I seriously would like to have you in our team. :)
Try it muna, wala namang mawawala. :)
I'll drop you a message sa FB. :)

jO_anne on 1:27 PM said...

Hi sis! Thanks for the offer. Sige, send me a message na lang sa fb :)

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