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My friend, Chai and I are having a small talk on make up, like doing a make up 101 session over facebook. I'm liking it! I love it when I'm being asked about those stuff. I may not be a make up artist, but given the chance, I want to enroll myself in a make up school. :))

I've tried different brands in the past, and I have stick to some up to now. I suggested she should look for the word "hypoallergenic" at the back of the make up's box. I also suggested some brands that are not pricey like ELF (every single item on 129 Php).  Maybelline will not hurt your pocket too. Prices are reasonable. I'm currently using their Clear Smooth Extra that comes with SPF 20++. I am a loyal to Maybelline's face powder. I used their two way make up (powder + foundation) way back college but since I am just dependent on my allowance, I found it pricey that time, but thank goodness, they released the Clear Smooth Powder (199 Php). 

Here's a list of (some) products I suggested to my friend. I've been using some for my FA applications, some for other job interviews, going to the mall, hanging out with friends etc. 

FACE:  foundation: Revlon Cake Make up (395 Php) . This does not come with a sponge, but you can buy the Revlon sponge at 32 or 40 ++ Php. 
powder: Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra (249).
concealer: Fanny Serrano (around 300++), ELF (129)

Cheeks: Elf (129 Php); Revlon ( I forgot the price, but I think it's around 500++, I bought mine at Duty Free at 9 or 11 USD); Avon Canada and Clinique (courtesy of my Canada based aunt)

 I am currently using Nichido liquid eyeliner (150 Php), but I will try for ELF (129/129.75 Php) once its all consumed. 

Nichido eye pencil ( less than 100)

Eyeshadow: Most of these are from my aunt. I am using Clinique, Avon Canada, IN2IT (200-400) , Nichido (100 Php), Careline (100+), depending on the color of my outfit. 

Mascara: Clinique and Avon Canada (from my aunt). I think, Maybelline's fine too, I haven't tried though since all of the mascara in my kit are from my aunt. 

Eyelash Curler: I'm currently using ELF (129 Php). I can't afford the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler for now, haha. 

I used to apply Clinique Lip Balm before putting lipstick, to make my lips protected, and to save my chapped lips; Now, I am using Petroleum Jelly to replace my old balm. I am not particular with brands, I look for the color. The latest addition to my stuff is the red lipstick from Ever Bilena. I also have Nichido which I bought on sale at (50 Php).  I have Maybelline too at (100++, also on sale), but it looks more like a lip gloss than a lipstick. Other brands are from my aunt, some of them, still waiting to be used. 

So there you go! Make up is really an investment, but it does not mean you have to spend a lot. =)

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Mariel on 9:49 PM said...

Cool post, sis! I love makeup too, but I don't think it feels the same way about me. lol.

jO_anne on 9:13 PM said...

Hi Sis! Thank You :) Haha, ako nga parang palaging nag eexperiment everytime nagmmake up ako :)

Anonymous said...

hello! :) I like your tips about makeup, I'm just wondering, how do you care for your eyeliner pencil..because at this hot weather here in the phils, it melts quickly and so the tip of the pencil isn't so sharp anymore. :( any tips? thanks! :)

jO_anne on 1:41 PM said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment.Re the eyeliner pencil, I've read one article in the internet, you can refrigerate the eyeliner pencil (at least 5 mins) before sharpening it. With my own pencil, I just keep it in my kit. I haven't tried putting it in our ref before using it. I also suggest you choose the sharpener that is about the size of your pencil,because I have tried using one that is bigger with my pencil,it's quite hard to achieve the sharpness I want.

Here's the link btw of the article:

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