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After my recent heart breaking journey toward my dream of becoming a flight attendant, my QUEST continues! As I go on, I want to share some things to those who wish to earn their wings too. I hope my blog can be of big help even if I'm not yet hired by any airline. 

In my experience, the following are the common and basic requirements:
1. updated resume with photo
2. 2x2 photos
3. passport size photo
4. Whole body picture, usually 4r (either sky blue or white background)
If you will be applying for ME carriers, they require sky blue background.
5. Some agencies ask for school credentials like the photocopy of your TOR and Diploma
6. NBI clearance (for travel abroad - if you are aiming to be an international cabin crew)
7. Certificate of Employment
8. Photocopy of your passport

Training certificate(s) (if you have attended one or so), and certificate of employment (COE) can be part of the requirements but not really a MUST.

  • For Qatar Airways Open Day: Recruiters will be asking for the ff: resume (with photo), 1 passport size photo and 1 4r size photo (whole body in Sky Blue background).
  • EMIRATES:  You have to go personally to IPAMS during their pre-screening period.  You can click HERE to visit their site. They also handle Qatar Airways. Their site is reliable, they post everything you need to know.  During the pre-screening, they will require you to submit a resume, 1 passport size photo, 1 4r photo (in sky blue background) and the Emirates Online Ref Number.
  •  Philippine Airlines: You have to download the application form at their website, fill it up,and scan your TOR then submit them on the email address found at their site.
  • Cebu Pacific: You have to apply personally. Manila Screenings are held on their Training and Development Center near Domestic Airport. You have to bring a resume.
The following are some sites and names of the agency you can check for flight attendant/cabin crew vacancies:

TRANSNATIONAL RESOURCES (They handle Asiana Airlines, JAL and Northwest Airlines) 

FIRST CHAMPION and SKILLS INTERNATIONAL  (for Saudia/Saudi Arabian Airlines)

PERT (for Royal Brunei)

There! I hope I am able to share some tips on what to prepare and how to search for vacancies. I do wish, soon, I can give more helpful tips like the do's and dont's during the BIG DAY.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I admire your persistence in applying as cabin crew! :) Did you apply in any job at all while you are pursuing your FA dream?

jO_anne on 6:22 PM said...

hi! thank you! Yes, I tried applying for other jobs, got accepted but didn't pursue with the company

Anonymous said...

Hi!:) What are your feedback regarding Cebu Pacific? Are they really strict. I have contacts pa naman... :( Thank you very much! Keep on inspiring us.. ;)

jO_AnNe on 8:26 AM said...

I think they are, when it comes to physical appearance; but that's just my opinion.
Their physical screening is done every Monday. Just try. You'll never know, you might be one of their cabin crews.
Thanks for reading my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

hi to you :) I started reading your blogs just today, and it does gave me some goosebumps:d it really inspires me a lot. Keep on trying, God Bless us!

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