Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Meant to Be

   Dear Bronze Charles and Keith,     
 A  few months ago, I saw you on sale.  You caught mom's eyes. You did  caught my  attention too but  I didn't  settle for you then because  my final pay was not yet  credited.  I always see you whenever I visit Charles  & Keith  - MOA but I always ended up just looking at you.    

Last week, while I'm on a quest for finding a pair of pumps that will look good on most of my suits,  I saw you again.  I didn't bother asking the lady for a stock. I went out and look for other shoes, but, NO LUCK. I went back to Charles & Keith and settled for you. From then and there, I found out that you were the last pair for that kind. Ohhh, I guess, you're meant to become mine.    
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trolleydollysaysit on 10:33 AM said...

Nice! I love Charles and Keith. I think their prices are just right. Lagi pa may sale. :)

Anonymous said...

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