Monday, March 01, 2010

March March March

Welcome MARCH! :)

I'd be turning a year older next month, should I or should I not be happy about that matter? hahaha. I hope good things will come.

I wished I have been more productive today, but, after drinking energen for breakfast (I'm into cereal drinks! Energen and Nesvita are my picks), I fell asleep again. haha. I know, I have been lazy today!

In the afternoon, I asked mom to come with me to the mall. I'm in a quest for finding a new suit and a pair of pumps for future applications. I was successful in finding a new suit. I was supposed to go to my dermatologist after hitting the mall but I failed to do so! Boo!

Tomorrow will be another day and today would be a history. I hope I could accomplish more things tomorrow.

Before I end this entry, I want to share one typography:

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Mariel on 12:07 AM said...

Hi Jo! I think I have to agree with your friend. Having more choices is better than having none. But that's just me. :)

jO_anne on 10:24 AM said...

Thanks sis! :)

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