Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's a Known fact that Everything Happens for a Reason

I got a call from The Manila Times this afternoon, inviting me for an exam tomorrow at 10 am. The lady whom I've talked to seemed to be in a hurry that I was unable to say that I could not make myself available tomorrow. It's a Wednesday tomorrow and I'm going to be in Baclaran with mom because it's the first Wednesday of the month. I know I won't be spending the whole day attending the novena but I also have another thing to accomplish tomorrow, and that is to buy the stuff I need for Thursday. Am I missing so much because of my FA dream? But I just could not give up on that! Last Thursday, I got a call from ABC 5/TV5, inviting me for an initial interview and exam for the Junior Correspondent position. I didn't go. Instead, I watched a film with my friends and spent time at home preparing myself for the QR OD.  Somehow, I could not help but think, why am I letting go of my first love, and that's to be in the media, I need not think of the answer as it would come quickly in my head and my heart, it's simply because, I WANTED TO BE A FLIGHT ATTENDANT. It's the main reason why I started PLAN B but never have the courage to pursue it. I mean, I've been blogging that I already attended a few interviews around the metro, took the exams, even got hired for a part time job, got a second chance for a full time job in a corporate world, liked an editing job, wanted its schedule but unfortunately wasn't accepted by the company. Why I have this feeling that God might not want me to work yet, full time? Why things go like that when I like the job and the schedule, either they do not call after the initial interview or don't accept me after the exam and interview? There were too many questions popping in my head now, some, I don't want to answer anymore. My friend Lee, told me via twitter: "Joooo, grab anything that goes ur way :) para maraming coices" ; if only I could, I would, but sometimes, one opportunity comes whenever I'm unavailable. *sigh*  

April's my birth month. If a genie would come to me and told me I could ask for something, you know I would be wishing to be a FLIGHT ATTENDANT. I hope things happen this way because I'm meant to earn my wings and fly around the world this year. I'm putting my FAITH on high.

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Vinch on 10:51 AM said...

Wow inuna mo kami sa TV5? Awww go Joanne! I can feel malapit na ang FA dream mo

jO_anne on 11:13 AM said...

Ah, last last week yung TV5 pero kung kasama ka namin nanood, OO. Inuna ko ang friends =) Sana nga Vinch! I want to FLY na!!!!

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