Friday, March 26, 2010


YES! I miss the blogging world! I miss everyone! The laptop problem has been fixed! I'm back with a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of stories to tell! Just bear with me for the possible lengthy posts.
  • I've already watched Alice in Wonderland since its first week but never got the chance to blog about it. 
  • I have another airline application to share but I'm still not ready to tell the whole story, but, just to give an intro, it's an-ALMOST-DOES-NOT-COUNT story. Maybe you'll have an idea on the airline but I'm keeping my mouth shut about the whole story. Maybe, next week, I'm ready to share it to the whole world. 
  • I'm excited about the thought of doing a Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursday, just like what my friends and I did last year! I hope it will push through next week. I think I need to recharge!
  • I've never been bookish. I mean, I read books before but not that much. I may be a MASS MEDIA graduate, and in a way, I'm expected to read a lot. I read magazines, newspapers, but books? I don't really read them most of the time because I end up leaving my bookmark at one page and never get the chance to get back on it. But, things changed, so am I. I started to love reading after college, because I have all the time to read! I guess, it will never be too late to realize that reading can take you to places even when you're just sitting in your living room or at your bed. Reading can give you so many realizations and lessons that you can live through.

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