Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was quite busy the past few days because I attended two interviews for two consecutive days. I already blogged the first one which was for Megaworld. I'd blog for the second one, which was for Metrobank.

I was with my friend and former officemate, Geli. We were supposed to meet by 8:15 am at Jollibee Insular, but I was late for 10-15 minutes. Prior to this, there was an unfortunate event happened at the underpass in front of BPI Head office. I created a scene before I finally reached Jollibee which was just across BPI. I was in a hurry and my heels, I could not put the right sentence, let me say na out of balance or nadulas because the stairs there were a little slippery although not wet. I thought people would just see me at the floor lying with wounds on my face, akala ko talaga gugulong na ako sa baba, luckily nakakapit ako. I acted like nothing happened, I walked as quickly as I could. I was wearing a skirt that time. I was really embarassed but accidents happen sometimes, it's just how you would carry yourself after the incident. I didn't want to look at my left knee, may konting gasgas din on my left leg.

I went inside Jollibee to meet my friend. I went to the comfort room to conceal the gasgas. My left knee was really hurting me, only to found out it was bruised! I didn't want to look at it, my friend said it looked like a moon, (oh! poor me!) imagine the green and violet colors on your skin! :|

So here's what happened at Metrobank:
We were asked to be there an hour before the scheduled time of interview. We were asked to fill out the form and after that we submitted the form together with our resume and transcript of records. We waited for our name to be called.

When it was my turn, my left knee was still hurting. I just ignored it. Unlike my airline applications, I never felt nervous with my interview yesterday, same with the one I had last Monday. I was really at ease and answered each questions honestly. The interview with Metrobank was like getting to know you better. I could clearly recall the last question (w/ a follow up of course): Are you into writing? Without any hesitation, I said "YES" with a smile on my face. Are you good in it? I don't want to brag about it but I said yes. Sure? I said YES again. I was part of our school paper when I was in highschool but I didn't try when I was in college because I thought it would affect my studies. The HR smiled and advised me to wait for 1-2 weeks. From there, I got an idea that the two positions I wanted were more on writing.

The interview was done before 11 am. At the back of my mind, I said, whatever the result would be, I would accept it wholeheartedly. I was taking chances, the outcome wouldn't hurt me so much. If it's for me, then it's up to God :)

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Mariel on 12:21 AM said...

How's your leg, sis? I hope you're okay.. Don't worry about the bruise, it'll be gone before you know it. Anyway, I admire you. It's good that you're still open to other possibilities. :D

jO_anne on 6:32 PM said...

It's better now, nawala na rin yung gasgas sa left knee. :) Thank you sis!

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