Saturday, February 06, 2010

Someday, I WILL

For the second time, no email is waiting for me. It's depressing though but I can't do anything. Walang mangyayari kung magmumukmok ako sa isang sulok. I'm sure God is listening to my prayers. Maybe He is testing my patience, perseverance, determination and my faith to Him. Tears almost fell in my eyes this afternoon as I think about receiving the golden email. I think eating ice cream or chocolates tomorrow will make me feel better ^_^ . I cannot do anything about the past, but I can always improve myself for the coming screenings and open days.  God is not good. He is SO GOOD! One day, He will give what we desire, bigger than what we expected,  He is just preparing us right now, so that when the perfect time comes, we are all prepared, because there's not turning back. Not now doesn't mean you're never going to make it! :)

I also want to take this chance to congratulate  DIMPLES and NLMP. The best of luck to you sisters! :) *hugsssssssssssss*

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