Monday, February 15, 2010


.,stands for:
S - ingles
4 (for)
V - alentine's
D - ay

A month ago, my friend, Bryan, invited us for a Valentine's day out with our other friends who were single. I instantly agreed, it would always be a great idea to spend time with them. When we, Bobbie, Bryan, Jana and I met last week, we planned about our Valentine's Day out, we initially agreed on going to Harbour Square and stay there until the sun rises the next day.

Feb 12 : Date with Friends

Bryan and I decided to meet earlier because we had to go to Ortigas for a part time job search.  We were supposed to go to MOA after our Ortigas thing to watch the star studded film Valentine's Day, unfortunately, there's no VDAY showing at MOA. Greenbelt 3 was our second choice. Vinch was about to reserve for us but the 6:30 and 9:15 schedule were both full! Boo! We decided not to watch any movie.

Bryan and I met Jana, Vinch and Jolo at Greenbelt near Power Mac Station. We decided to eat dinner first and later on head to Harbour Square where we would meet Lee. The boys, wanted to eat pasta and steak, Jolo suggested Marciano's. Their serving was big enough and since I'm on a diet, I asked Jana to share the food with me and Bryan also wanted us to share with him. I found their menu cool, they have a pasta called Legally Blonde (from the name itself, the sauce is yellow, and it's like penne). After our dinner, we hailed a cab going to Harbour Square (oh! I miss that place! I used to hang out at Starbucks during my OJT days). On our way there, my eyes were really not cooperative. I was already sleepy and my friends could really tell. When they woke me up, we were already in front of Jollibee Harbour Square and my friends were already paying for the 180 pesos fare. I couldn't get even a peso because my hands were not cooperative too, haha. Thank Goodness to my generous friends! :)

When we got there, we didn't know where to have our little drinking session (session? haha) courtesy of Vinch! (Thank You!!!). We opted to stay at the 2nd floor (Starbucks' side) and after a few sales talk made by a guy, we were able to seat on a couch in front of Reyes Barbecue. Honestly and frankly, I rarely drink. It might not be believable haha. Nevertheless I obliged. A few shots of tequila sunrise won't make me tipsy :)) 

Despite the noise, we managed every story each had. Nothing beats a night or a day spent with friends! I love how an ordinary day could be so special whenever I spend it with friends. I might be single but I had a Great Valentine's Date celebrated in advance!

How about you? How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

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FAdreamer on 7:37 PM said...

aww! mabuhay ang mga single! hehe

jO_anne on 8:58 PM said...

amen! :)

Mariel on 12:59 AM said...

Glad you had fun, sis! I gotta admit, nakalimutan ko na ang feeling na pagiging single. 6 years na kami ni boyfriend eh. hehe. Btw, I just blogged about my Valentine's Day. I had fun like you, but it's quite different from your story. Anyway, I just want to say this, you don't need a man to be happy. ;)

ladivaprincessa on 1:17 AM said...


jO_anne on 10:12 AM said...

@Mariel: thanks :) Glad you had fun too with your special someone :D Oo nga sis e, sa 7 years na pggng single, tama ka dun sa sinabi mo :D

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