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Tuesday, February 23. Went agency hopping with Cams. We agreed to meet by 11 am at U.N. Avenue, but I was late. We decided to take our lunch first before heading to the agencies. 

First Stop: First Champion (J.S. Contractor Building, Magallanes St. Intramuros)

The taxi driver did not find the location right away, but with the help of the pedicab drivers, we were able to locate it! Almost everyone knew where we were going. I guess, it's because of our attire, hehe.  

We arrived around 1:30. The lady ( I did not get her name) gave us the list of all the requirements we had to submit. All of the documents should be A4 in size and in two sets so we had to go downstairs to have our documents photocopied. Then, we were instructed to buy a white folder, we went to the 4th floor to get a piece of folder, the only available were the white ones, we went downstairs again, they were selling the same thing for 10.00 in contrast to the one we saw upstairs at 5.00. We decided to go back and settled for the folders sold at the 4th floor. After submitting the requirements, we were asked to pay 20.00 for the picture taken by the lady's webcam.  Cams was interviewed first by Ms. Jaja. During my turn, I was asked, why I wanted to be a flight attendant; If it's my first time to apply for an airline; If I have a background in swimming and first aid training; and so on. Those were some questions I could recall. She asked me to read one paragraph from a newspaper. Ms Jaja read that my father was a seaman, she asked me if I wanted to work for a ship, I said NO while shaking my head. I added, I wanted to work for a plane. She also noticed I was only 21. The age requirement would be at least 22 years old. I thought she would disqualify me right then and there because of my age but she saw that I'd be turning a year older on April. She informed me that SAUDIA representatives would be coming this June. So I still have ample time to prepare.

Last Stop: Mary Bachrach Building, (TRANSRESOURCES)

I noticed there were applicants who went upstairs before us so I thought the agency would be jampacked, but, luckily, it was not. We still managed to find a seat on the waiting area. A guy in blue shirt asked us to fill up a paper given to us by the guard. He submitted the small paper to Ms. Joyce. Three ladies were called first, then Cams, followed by another girl who submitted the application form to Ms Joyce. Afterwards, she called my name. I was wearing a smile while I approach her. She asked for my documents then goes the interview. These were some of her questions: Why I wanted to be a flight attendant; Why Asiana should hire me; If it's my first time to apply for an airline; Why it took me years before I applied for a positon; If I have visible scars on my arms and legs. Afterwards, Ms Joyce checked my legs, weight and height. I know that I was 167 cm, but with TRI, I was only 166, hehe, I think it would depend on the device they use. I was not asked to have a 217 cm reach test. Then, she handed me the application form. 



After submitting the application form and upon exiting TRI, there was another unfortunate incident, courtesy of the CULPRIT, my shoes! Thank goodness I didn't get any bruise! hahaha :)


I woke up 5 am. Had a cup of nesvita and then prepared. I thought I'd be late. I dolled up myself as quickly as I could. Dressed up then left the house by 6:30.  I was lucky enough to see an FX going to Lawton so I don't have to ride a bus, til Vito Cruz then hail a cab from there going to Manila Diamond Hotel. After passing Quirino, I kept my eye on every building. I couldn't see the hotel. Then, I heard the lady beside me, Diamond Hotel lang. Whew! Thank goodness! :) At the entrance, the lady guard told me that the ballroom hall was still closed so I waited for a few minutes with Rose, who was an applicant too. While standing, another applicant asked if we already registered, she also told us that some were already inside, so we followed her directions. I saw that the first two rows on both sides were already occupied but not filled. As a NO VIRGIN for Qatar OD, I told Rose we should sit on the second row so we could finish early. I saw Chinee seating on the first row. Had some chats before the recruiters arrived.  


I didn't have any idea that the recruiters were already inside not until I saw Michelle, the Filipina-Canadian recruiter whom I met during the very first Qatar OD I attended. If I remembered it right, she was the first one whom I submitted my CV with. The other recruiter, I didn't get her name looked like half Filipina half Chinese! She rarely smiles. She was on the November OD. The other recruiter was Caucasian, I just don't know if she's American, British or Indian. She was gorgeus!  I submitted my CV to her. While approaching her, I smiled and greeted her Good Morning! She asked if it's my first time to attend the OD, I told her with all honesty that it was my Third Time to attend the OD. Then she asked me what I am doing now. I said, I maintain a blog and write.  That was the short encounter with her. I met another lady, Katz! She was so nice. She even offered me a ride. Like me, she's not a first timer for QR OD. She didn't get the call on her previous attempt, I find her pretty though. 

Before riding a bus back to Cavite, I went to Baclaran Church. I battled the scorching sun. Prayed. Lit some candles.

I didn't go home straight, instead, I went to National Bookstore first and bought these stuff:

I fell asleep til 4:45. Went to groceries with mom and the day ended that way. I didn't get the call for the THIRD TIME. I'm not ashamed to admit it! Number 3 had always been lucky to me, but not this time. I felt sad and frustrated. I am HUMAN. I have the right to be sad when I had to be. Laugh when things go my way. Maybe, I was not meant for QR.,it maybe a NOW or NEVER. Only God knows, but I'm sure that a better and bigger opportunity would come SOON. I just have to TRUST HIM. 

Last Tuesday, on my way to UN Avenue, I saw an ad saying: GOD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS, NEVER GIVE UP.

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read2lead on 12:23 AM said...

Hi jo,

I know your persistence will pay off. It will.. =)


jO_anne on 7:43 PM said...

I hope and pray. Thank you! :)

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