Sunday, February 28, 2010


Why I did not blog for a week?



I had to secure a police clearance which was a requirement for Asiana.  I asked mom to come with me to the police station.  When we got there, mom asked asked for the procedures. We were advised to pay first at the Municipal Hall. I had to get a new cedula because the one I brought was issued to me a year ago when I filed my ITR.  After paying, we went back to the police station to apply for the clearance. We know someone from the police station that's why I was not asked to stay after the last person on queue. I waited for I guess, 30 minutes or less. I was asked to come back the day after as I requested for a clearance for travel abroad. Uh oh! I thought it would be a problem because Cams and I agreed to go to TRI the next day. I was really wondering why I had to go back. I thought it would be released the same day. Our family friend said that their head was not around, so there was no one to sign for the clearance. There was no assurance that he would come back in the afternoon or up until the evening. I was hoping that everything would still turn out well. 
I went to the groceries with mom. Home, then prepared again and went to the mall to have my 3r and 2x2 pictures taken. I also bought some stuff I need. 
When I got home. Mom told me that my clearance would be available the next day. Oh no! Problem! But I'm thankful Cams understood that we could not apply early the next day because I still have to get the clearance. 

Applied for Saudia and Asiana. Will create a separate entry for my applications.

Went to an agency. I refused to name it. They don't handle any airline applications. I applied for an Online English Teacher a week ago because I want to have a part time job while pursuing my dream of becoming a flight attendant. It's a known fact that applying for an airline would be costly. You have to invest for a business attire, shoes (if in case you still don't have one), photos, make up, and so on. When I sent my resume to the email address written on the advertisement, I didn't know it was an agency. I have nothing against agencies for local employment, it's just that if ever I work here, I wanted to get hired directly by the company. Though I was quite hesitant to come over because I had a flu the night before, I still went to Ortigas for the interview. I was there at exactly 1 pm but I waited for more than an hour since the receptionist told me the interviewer was on lunch. Okay, Filipino Time! 

I was the second one who arrived, but I was the last one who was interviewed! Honestly, I was uncomfortable because I felt like I was chasing time. Every minute was important because I could not afford to miss the novena at Baclaran. 

My name was called after like 1 hour and 30 minutes. The interview did not last for so long. Everything was over around 3 pm. I was advised that the interview with the company was on the 27th, I said I could not come, they said I had to adjust for the company as they do not know when the next interview would be. Okay, so another problem, but I set it aside. 

I hailed a taxi going to Shangrila Mall and decided to ride the mrt instead of a bus going to Baclaran so I would be on time for the 4 pm novena. Everything went fine. I was able to find a seat before the novena started. In the middle of the novena, while everyone was kneeling, I felt like I was going to faint right then and there. I sat on the pew instead. Thank goodness I was able to handle myself, because if not, uhoh. 

After the novena, I went to MOA to spot for a new pair of shoes I could use for my applications. I decided to but a new one because my shoes always put me to trouble, haha. The bruise on my left knee was still here but I believe it would be gone by this week.,COMPLETELY GONE.  I went to Charles&Keith, VNC, CMG,CELINE and WADE, but had NO luck! Went home after that.

I went to Zoe's office for a temporary job. I was seated the whole day doing clerical work. Thanks Zoe for the opportunity! :)

Watched Miss You like Crazy with Bryan and Jana. I was supposed to go to a salon after but had NO luck. I was not able to have my nails cleaned. I would not be elaborating much about the film in this entry. I would just make another one so I could have my review as well. 


QR OD. Will have a separate entry for this one.


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