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It was Natalie Cole who first made it famous. Now, it's John Lloyd and Bea's turn. Just like the song "Even though it's been so long, my love for you keeps going strong",  TIME was the main element of the film. They emphasized the LOVE made stronger by time. 

The main characters were Mia Samonte and Allan Alvarez. The roles were fit for Bea and John Lloyd. I don't need to say that their team up was really good to see onscreen, it's already proven. While watching the film, I could recall the line from Joshua Harris' book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye: The Right thing at the Wrong time is the Wrong thing. I saw it on the film. Falling in love was never wrong. But it should not be pursued when the other one was taken already. Love, too, could not be measured by how long you've been with that person. This film proved that you don't have to stay with the one you love for so many years before making it for forever. I've heard stories of couples who were together for almost a decade but still don't end up with each other. 

The film was not a picture of my personal life, but at some point, it hit me! At one scene, Mia would tell Allan "Huwag mo na akong pahirapan!"  it's like a slap on my face. The "Ikaw pa rin" factor made the impact on me. It was hard waiting for someone without any assurance, but as they say, if you two were meant to be, fate would bring you back together.  There's always a perfect timing. If you love someone but the time's not right, it doesn't mean your not meant to be, it could just be for NOW or., NEVER, no one could really tell.  If the love was meant for forever, it would stand still amidst of all the odds.

I have some comments with the film. First, I think One more Chance was better. The lines there were more likely to hit the viewers emotions.  Second, Miss you like Crazy was predictable. I hope, the opening scene could be different so that the viewers would not have an idea on the film's ending.  Third, the scene where Mia was looking at the Petronas Towers while Allan did the same followed by Mia standing up then Allan doing the same thing was quite an ordinary scenes in any love story.  Fourth, at one point, nalito rin ako kasi parang medyo hindi naexecute ng tama yung element of TIME. I was a little lost at the latter part of the film.  

Overall, it's good, but don't put your expectations high. Director Cathy Molina still made job well done.

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