Monday, February 08, 2010

Plan B

I'm Back! :)
I was out the whole day because I had an interview with Megaworld (at Gil Puyat Makati). I was there until 2 PM. I thought I was going to take a long exam but it turned out the other way around. I only had one exam (a short one and I could conclude it's a personality test). I wasn't able to befriend anyone since the others were still waiting for their turn, some where taking the exam when I was asked to have lunch. I was a little sad because I'm not used to eating alone but it wasn't really a big problem, I'm still okay with that kind of setting, I feel the challenge when I'm all alone! :)

I had lunch at the nearby Jollibee! :) I was trying to surf the net but there was no airborne access at that area! Sad! I missed everyone!!!

After lunch, I went back to Megaworld. The HR already informed me that I'd be having 2 more sets of interview. I was puzzled why I didn't take the long exam anymore, maybe it depends on the position you're applying for. I was trying for the training assistant post, but the HR endorsed me for the accounts specialist position which, based from my understanding was the COLLECTIONS department (the work would be dealing a lot of math. Oh! I could remember my BPI days. I was able to encounter clients who were asking for the number of the Collections Department (credit card). Here's the embarassing part! A guy, I think he's one of the officers of the AMT department interviewed me. He just asked about my family, my previous job and why I decided to take up my course. I wasn't nervous! Maybe because I knew I was just taking chances, the result, positive or negative wouldn't hurt me anyway. At one part, he mentioned I should be good in Math, he asked me to do the math mentally! GOSH! The whole world knew I was never good at it! Especially when I had to compute mentally! I couldn't answer him, I forgot almost all my lessons in Algebra and all other math related subjects. The officer was kind enough, he said, he would be giving me another chance, he said I would present about a certain topic,after a while, Ms.D, gave me a post it with the topic in it: Power Dressing and Effective Communication. Presenting a topic was one thing I'm also interested, however, I was having doubts on pursuing the company. The job they offered me was one thing I don't want to take again, it was similar to my previous job because I would be handling complaints of clients. I knew it was customer service, but I am seeing another BPI #2 with the job they offered. I told Ms. D I would be checking on my schedule this week and I would be giving a call for my schedule, but I guess, not anymore.

Tomorrow, I would be out again for another interview, this time, with Metrobank.

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