Wednesday, February 03, 2010


My friend, Bryan, inspired me to blog upon reading his Multiply entry:
There are plenty of thoughts clouding in my mind right now. Even if I just came from Baclaran Church this afternoon, I really can't help but think about the things that are happening to me right now and think about the future. 

It's been two months since I became a BUM. Honestly, I hate being one, though I have nothing against people who does not have work right now like me. This is my choice anyway. Maybe, I'm feeling like this because I am not used to just staying at home, stay in front of my laptop for several hours, watch afternoon shows or start a dvd marathon, etc. etc. I am doing nothing at home except for logging at Jobstreet and putting more time looking for a job that I will like while I am chasing for my dream career. Sometimes, I feel like I'm wasting my time doing nothing but stay at home. What will I do? I mean, our backpay's not with us yet, and it is TAKING SO MUCH TIME!!! I cannot go out that much except for Wednesdays as I already alloted a budget for the novena. I feel like it will be too much if I ask my mom for money so I can hang out anywhere I want to go. 

Sometimes, I can help but feel bad in a way. I may have graduated with honors (but I'm not bragging about this), but I will agree with my friend, Lars, it's just numbers. Today, it doesn't matter where you came from, it's where you're heading. My high school friends also agreed with this. Correct me if I'm wrong readers, it's just my and my friends' opinion. At one point, I have this "what if".,I took up Nursing, maybe I'm in Canada right now, with my aunt who is working in a hospital. I hate "what ifs" because it's a form of regretting. I am well aware that:  we cannot bring back the past, but we can always make our future better. Regrets have no use because we can never turn back the hands of time. 

I am reading PEX everytime I surf the net because it's one way of updating myself on what's going on with other flight attendant hopefuls. I share the same sentiment with everyone who went to the pre-screening is waiting for the golden email - the waiting and the longing we have to endure. I have read that IPAMS will be sending the much awaited email until Saturday. I just don't want to expect and I don't want to think of anything negative about it. I want to put focus on centering God and trusting Him with my career. I can remember my friends telling me, "we expect more from you, not to put pressure on you but, to see you grow more! we want you to grow more", I told Bryan about this, and he said, "just take every opportunity". I know I really have to hold on to that faith I have for so long now, I've been very optimistic during my La Sallian days and I don't want to get that away. I can never give up my optimism because it has sprung from my faith in God. 

My airline applications as of this time are all unsuccessful, quite obvious, because if I have been a successful applicant in the past, I have gone to places already, but it's not the case. I don't know if this is what God wants me to be, again, everything is all about FAITH, if we think we can make it, then we shall act and not just wait. God sees everything and I know, He will give what our heart desires on the right time, just like what Joshua Harris mentioned, The Right thing at the Wrong time is the Wrong thing.

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sojournerslife on 10:42 AM said...

heya sis!don't fret!maybe God is just giving you an "off season" so you can be prepared for the season play offs. just continue on improving yourself and remember to bounce higher each time. and pray hard. i know you're doing it already but sometimes it's a test of patience and persistence din. ;) before you know it, you'll ba packing for paris and london na!:)

jO_anne on 9:06 PM said...

awww. thanks sis! :)
oo nga e, patience and persistence!
sana talaga,sana, soon! :D

ladivaprincessa on 1:17 AM said...

okay lang yan mare! patience and tiyagaan lang. :) ganyan talaga, if it's really worth it, pahihirapan ka talaga ni Lord. And i know something big out there is waiting for you! :)

jO_anne on 6:23 PM said...

Awww. thanks mare! sana talaga! I know God wants me to prepare for something really big! :)

ezor said...

im just curious what is PEX?thanks po :)

jO_AnNe on 8:41 AM said...

Hi ezor,PEX is Pinoy Exchange. There's a Flight Attendant Thread there. Flight Attendants and Flight attendant hopefuls exchange their thoughts about the life of a flight attendant, process of becoming a flight attendant, tips, etc.

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