Friday, February 05, 2010

JOB EXPO and A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was at DLSU yesterday with three other friends: Michi, Andre and Dave for the JOB EXPO. Michi just came home from her one year stay at Japan. Andre was already done with his 5 month-internship while Dave was on a search for his first job. Yesterday was not just looking for a job, it's more than that and the title could explain very well.

This would be a photo-loaded entry:
A view from La Salle Building. Still the same when I was there except for the condo beside Ivy Hills (the smallest building in this photo.)

Graduate Admissions Office.This used to be the Undergraduate Admissions office. I could remember the days I was still submitting my requirements (for transfer applicants. Yes, I was a transferee from St. Scholastica's College) . I took the entrance exam at the room upstairs they called ITEO.

With Dave  (oh! I look so pale! haha)

Yuchengco Building, on our eaf, this was known as the Y building. I could tag this as the most quiet building! haha. This was the irony of the Miguel Building (our building!). It would be understandable because the Miguel or M building was the "home" of the Liberal Arts Students. I used to have classes in this building. Most events were usually held here. Like the Annual Academic Recognition , at the "grandest" Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium to be exact; The Job Expo, held at the lobby. Exhibits were held at the lobby too. I could also remember attending an open forum at the auditorium where Loren Legarda and Nikki Coseteng were guests. The museum was located at the 2nd floor of this building.
The lobby was also one of the "tambayans" of the students. I used to hang out and kill time in this building!

The free nachos (plus the overflowing sauce)  Dave got after signing at the Nestle Booth. I didn't get mine because my stomach was still full then. 

A view from the Brother Connon hall. I took this photo while we're on our way to the Green&White office, where I'd be getting my Yearbook DVD. You could see the amphitheater where the University Break events were usually held.

Some reminders from the Discipline's Office or D.O. :   This was posted at Saint Joseph Hall going to the William Hall.

I was surprised to see this posted at a room (on Miguel Building) . It's a new addition.

I just want to know how it feels to be a student again by sitting inside the classroom where I used to have my classes. If my memory was right, I had four or more major subjects held in this room. And I used to sit in front then. Oh! I miss being a student!

M315. I miss this room so much! I think, I spent 1/4 of my DLSU days here. 

Freebies from Nestle! It's a good idea signing up for them! I love these:

Michi's gift! Thank you sis! My newest baby! :) 



It's warm feeling to be in La Salle again. I would agree with Dave, when we're still students, we felt like going to school everyday was just ordinary, we haven't felt the great significance of La Salle in our lives, but after leaving school, getting a life on your own, and going back, you would feel that La Salle meant so much to you.

Sometimes, when we both reminisce, we'll both say, "There wasn't too much we missed" and through the tears we'll smile, when we recall, we had it all just for a moment. - St. Elmo's Fire
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