Saturday, February 20, 2010


I almost abandoned this blog, but a dream saved this page. :)
Now, I'm back on track and started with a clean slate since I revived this.  I feel the connection with my fellow fa aspirants and flight attendants who keep on inspiring hopefuls like me. This is what Benedict Anderson called "Imagined Community". It's one of the main points in my thesis way back college. Hehe!

With Anderson's term, people become closer to one another even if they don't really know each other. I haven't seen all of you my dear blogger friends and readers, but I still feel this special connection with you.

I hope someday, I can also share the "good news" with you all. While waiting, I hope I can somehow, inspire and encourage you my fellow aspirants to just keep going. Our dreams will soon turn to reality.

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Mariel on 1:16 AM said...

Awww.. I love this post, sis. *hugs*

UrbanFlier on 1:13 PM said...

that's why we call each other "sis".. :)

UrbanFlier on 1:13 PM said...

oh BTW, it me NLMP.. :) have a new username.. hehe.. ;) and a new blog.. ;)

jO_anne on 5:40 PM said...

@Mariel: thank you sis! *hugs*

jO_anne on 5:43 PM said...

@UrbanFlier: oo nga SIS :)
new blog for a new start kasi magsstart na rin ang training mo sa 5J :)

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