Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another Try

I just came from an impact interview with PAL. I applied last January 16 via online. Wednesday last week, I received a text message from PAL asking me to call them regarding the Flight Attendant Vacancy. At first, I was really hesitant to call them because I knew how strict they were and that almost everyone who applied to them always get the "we regret to inform you" letter. Nevertheless, after a day of thinking about it, I decided to give them a call. By the way, PAL usually calls applicants, I guess, it was different in my case because I live outside the Metro so they wanted me to call them.

I was able to talked to Ms. A (initial only), she asked me some questions like my height, vision, age, civil status, if I finished a four year course and some other basic things about me. She told me I was scheduled for an interview on February 2, (that's today) 1 PM at the PNB Building in Macapagal Avenue. Ms. A advised me that I should wear a short polo inside, so I decided to buy a new one that would look good in my beige suit. Luckily, I was able to found a black blouse at Karimadon.


I arrived past 12 noon. I was able to meet three girls, Kring, RB and Jen. We waited in a room because they were still having their lunch break when we got there. We were able to talk to a guy (I forgot his name) who already passed the impact interview. He was scheduled at 8 am and he was waiting for the results of his pre-medicals. He said they were 17 but only 4 got in. At the back of my mind, I thought it was a big number already, because PAL usually hires 1  or 2 during the impact interview. He advised us not to be nervous. Just stay calm and always smile.

Upon entering the room, we filled up a form, the same form we filled up and emailed to them. Before the impact interview started, Ms A.G. did a briefing on what we should do for the interview,  the roles of a cabin crew, their standards, the training,  the basic requirements that should be met, and the salary you would get once you're hired.

What to DO?
We were given 2 minutes to talk anything. You could say anything within that given time.
What's NEXT?
You would be advised to walk a few rows away from them. Your arms, skin, legs, elbows would be checked.
The result, positive or not would be contained in a small piece of paper. Once your name was called, you have to get your things, get that small piece of paper and read it, if you passed, you had to stay for the pre medicals.

Just like the majority, I DIDN'T PASS PAL. I was unsure if how many passed. All I knew that no girl made it. I wasn't really sure if how many guys made it because the applicants who were called after me left PNB Building after the interview.

I knew I did my best, but I knew God has prepared something bigger and better for me.  Before I leave our house, I told God, "Whatever the result would be, I should trust YOU. Passed or Failed I knew it would always be your will."  I didn't really have my heart bruised for what happened. I trust God and I knew that this recent failure would not be here to make me weak, or to make me think that I did not deserve to earn my wings and be a flight attendant, I WAS SURE, GOD PREPARED SOMETHING BIGGER AND I JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND TRUST HIM.

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charlie on 7:13 PM said...

Don't feel bad sis.. Weird lang talaga nila. I passed my impact interview na December 2007 but failed the medical exam. They asked me to undergo laser treatment courtesy of my own pocket of course. It took a while before I had the procedure (all the research I did about where to have it done and about the doctors, etc plus it wasnt really cheap..) Last year around October, I passed my CV again and they called me. I didn't mention about passing my previous interview. I was surprised that I got rejected. Jeez! It only means that they are not consistent with their standards. It is really more on whim and depending on their mood. Haha.. Smile sis! We'll try QR and EK. Hug hug!!

charlie on 7:17 PM said...
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charlie on 7:18 PM said...

Oh also, I have a friend who passed PAL last year and was scheduled to have their training March 2008. Until now, di pa sila nagsstart. Sabi postponed muna daw blahblah. PAL says they are "actively sourcing" so kahit mahire na nila, di pa sure when talaga ang training. My friend has been waiting for 10 months na. Grabe. haha..

Sabi nila ganyan din daw yung ginagawa ng 5J kasi ang tagal na din pnpostpone yung training, well that's just what I heard. I wonder...

jO_anne on 7:27 PM said...

Awww. Thanks sis! :) Oo nga e. Talaga? I thought for formality na lang ang medical. Si Flygirl din didn't pass PAL, well in fact I think she deserves to pass.
I really wonder din how they choose applicants. Laser treatment for what sis? For sure it will cost you a lot!

Talaga? Ang tagal naman nung training niya! Medyo unfair naman na 10 months na siyang naghihintay, pwede na siyang makapasok nun for a bigger airline.

Oo nga e, NLMP is still waiting for her training, kaya nga I feel for her nung sinabi niyang nagresign pa naman daw siya ng maaga.

Yes sis! We will try QR and EK!!! I'll give you a big bear hug!! Thanks for your support and encouragement sis! :)

NotLittleMissPerfect on 9:50 PM said...

@charlie wow sis! wag naman sana ganon katagal kami maghintay.. huhu.. im so tired of getting bored.. haha!

@jo_anne naku weird tlga ang PAL.. you're not alone.. :)

pinky on 10:42 PM said...

Hello dear! I really admire your perseverance. I hope God gives you what you deserve much sooner than later :))

jarie on 10:56 PM said...

Kaya mo yan girl! :) I'm sure na ang darating na blessing for you is gonna be worth your wait! :)

charlie on 11:34 PM said...

Im reading my comments kanina parang ang chismosa ng dating ko.. but i just wanted to share the info lang naman.. hihihi..

sobrang labo ng eyes ko kasi before so i failed the medical pero sabi nila pag napa laser na daw ok na. yun nga lang it's not something na kaagad magagawa diba siyempre i had to prepare myself and i had to do thorough research muna kung saan eye center ko papagawa yung LASIK. after the procedure di pa ko agad nag apply because medyo madami pa restrictions sa eyes ko (like di pwede mag eye makeup, di pwede mag swimming, di pwede mabasa) so it took more than 6 months before i reapplied. I was hoping formality na lang yun since i passed na before eh, kaya di ko na din mnention sa kanila about it. tapos nreject nla ko.. hahaha.. weirdos..

anyway.. i don't know if they are gonna conduct training na in a month or two.. i hope they do kasi kawawa yung mga naghihintay.. and i hope hindi naman ganun un sa 5J. excited pa naman tayo lahat for NLMP. hi sis! don't worry sisters, everything will be okay. we just have to keep praying.

Mariel on 11:51 PM said...

I wouldn't worry if I were you. Just like Charlie said, PAL is not consistent with their standards.. Meron namang QR and EK eh. ;)

jO_anne on 5:30 AM said...

Girls! Thank you for your encouraging words! Ito yata ang reason kung bakit ako nagising ng maaga :)

jO_anne on 5:31 AM said...

@NLMP: Sis, magsstart na rin training mo! Tama si Charilie, naeexcite na kami sa post mo about your training hehe.

Oo nga e, hindi ko rin talaga gets standards nila. haha.

jO_anne on 5:32 AM said...

@Pinky: Thank You! :) Goodluck to your business!

jO_anne on 5:33 AM said...

@Jarie: Thanks Mare! I guess oo, sabi nga nila kapag matagal ka naghihintay, ibig sabihin nilalaan talaga sayo ni God yung BEST :)

jO_anne on 5:42 AM said...

@Charlie: hahaha. Okay lang yun sis!! Ay talaga? That's really sad! Hindi talaga consistent, natanggap ka na dati ibig sabihin na meet mo na standards nila tapos on your next try hindi na.

Oo nga sis, ilang months na rin naghihintay si NLMP. Agree! Pray lang tayo! magiging okay din ang lahat :)

jO_anne on 5:44 AM said...

@Mariel: Yes sis, after I got the letter parang Okay haha, alam ko na, Medyo naka fold pa yun nung binigay ni Ms. A.G. pero mahaba nakasulat so alam ko na by that time na I didn't pass, oo nga e, QR and EK = Bigger Opportunities!:)

sojournerslife on 9:38 AM said...

sis!delayed reaction ako..ngayon ko lang nabasa post mo. anyways, you've said it all. God is just preparing you for a bigger something. Just wait patiently. Pray lang lagi! We're just here to cheer you up and yes, weird ang pal. hehe..*hugs*

jO_anne on 9:53 AM said...

Thanks sis! *hugs* :)

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