Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Saturday, January 9, 2009


Some of my friends and I went to Bobbie Jo's place as it was their town's fiesta! It was a pig out day! I ate a lot and forgot about my diet. I loved the foods! Honestly, I felt guilty after that. My stomach was really full! I did not eat dinner when I got home.

My friends and I also had a little videoke session,that was the part I enjoyed a lot.
Singing was really one of the things I miss. Jaymee and I used to go at Robinsons Place Imus during the latter part of our Senior High School days and during my College Days just for the videoke thing and even called it our "bisyo" (vice).

Over all, the best thing about last Saturday was being with my high school friends. Nothing could ever beat a day spent with friends. We've been together for more or less 8 years and I really felt blessed to have them. They stood by me during the seem to be "dark ages" part, especially last year and I could say that our friendship was getting better and stronger.

Here were some pictures of my friends and I last Saturday:

Standing (L-R): Chai and I ; Seated (L-R) Bobbie, Jaymee, Bry and Jana

 Sunday, January 10, 2009


I wanted to be productive for the day even if I was just at home. After my siblings and I went home from the morning's mass at the cathedral, I decided to arrange my stuff in my room. I also threw some things that had no use at present. I arranged the things in my closet. I gave away some of my clothes, bags and wallets.

I did this the whole day and after this, I had a back ache! But it was fine with me! I was happy with what I did.

Monday, January 11, 2009


After a few IMAX plans that did not push through, my friends and I finally watched AVATAR!
We decided to meet at MOA, 1 pm, but Jana and I were late and arrived past 2 pm. Yesterday was my first time at IMAX (loser much? haha). We bought foods before we got inside, and because I didn't eat lunch, I settled for their combo # 1 (drinks, doughnut and junior sized popcorn). I was really hungry, I started eating popcorn even before the film started. I wore my eyeglasses because it was my doctor's advise and to spare myself from a possible headache.

my ticket, Sorry for the blurred photo

Assessing the film:

Based on my research over the world wide web, the film has six genres: Science Fiction, Computer Animation,Action, Adventure, Thriller and Epic. The story happened in the year 2154 at a place called Pandora. Sam Worthington (you're the man Sam!)  was on the lead together with Zoe Saldaña as Jake and Neytiri respectively. Jake was the genetically engineered Na'Vi while Neytiri was the real native. Jake was sent to the natives' place to learn their customs and later on, he had to divulge the acts and customs to the humans where he came from.

James Cameron did a great job! The effects were really SUPERB! I was not really a fan of films like Avatar but, it awed me! I liked the story too! I just hope, (like what my friend, Vinch said) it would be a little longer because the film's ending was a little "bitin" for me. But I would still suggest this film to everyone who haven't watched it.

Tuesday, January 12

Something to Learn

I went to the driving school near Island Cove around 3 pm. I paid the course's fee (good for 10 hours) and chose my schedule. Since it's a Wednesday tomorrow (Baclaran Day),  and the morning schedule was already taken, I settled for the 2-4 PM schedule. I was a bit excited and a bit pressured! ;P I had to learn or else, mom's money would not be worth it! I also had something to say to myself regarding this: I'd be a good student! I would be serious on all the things
taught to me! Promise, I'd be a driver soon! 

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