Thursday, January 14, 2010

UP: Emirates Pre Screening

I was not supposed to surf the net by this time. My plan was to just print a form from the DLSU website and then turn off my laptop after, but here, I'd be blogging another opportunity:

Answered prayer for many:
There would be an Emirates Assessment this February 13 to 14 and IPAMS would be having the pre screening from January 18-29, 2010 at their Manila Office:

click this link:

Goodluck and God bless us all! :)

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Mariel on 12:10 PM said...

This is the moment we've been waiting for sis! God bless us! :)

jO_anne on 7:39 PM said...

Yes sis! :) Sana ito na yung time natin para maging FA :)

Dave Cordero on 5:07 AM said...

i have so many questions which i think ittxt ko nalang sayo kaya feeling ko pag nag txt ako, mag unli tayo pareho! hahaha. i miss you sister!

P.S. or mag chat tayo one of these days para mas bongga! =))

jO_anne on 10:19 AM said...

@dave: yes, sure! Pag nag text ka magreregister aq sa unlitext! Haha. I miss you too sister!

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