Sunday, January 03, 2010

Slight Fever and Some New Stuff to Love

It's been three days since the year of the Metal Tiger started and what a start for me? I got a slight fever last night after mom and I went to Makati to meet up with my aunt's colleague. I also experienced body aches until this afternoon and it's quite funny for me; and it's a little weird, I wasn't busy, I wasn't stressed yet I got a slight fever and I was so lazy today,.but, BUT, I didn't miss the 8 am mass. Sunday would always be a day I spare for God and Wednesdays, would always be the day I allot for Mother of Perpetual Help. I know many would agree, it would always be a joyful feeling to be in church and pray! :)

Okay, back to meeting my aunt's colleague; yesterday morning, mom told me to accompany her at Makati because we had to get the "pasalubong" of my Canada-based aunt for me and for her; and I remembered, it's been a month since I left Makati! Whew! I never knew time would fly that fast because I never felt that way when I was working, I guess, that would always be the case when you're just at home and doing nothing. It was nice meeting my aunt's colleague, and it was nice talking to her and to her relative who went with her. She even offered us to have a snack, it was nice of her though we ignored her offer.

We did not stay long at Makati because my cousin who was here last night had to go home. After eating at Glorietta's food court, we went home riding a speeding Jasper Jean Bus, I was aching already and too bad, I was seated at the back, the spot I hate most. We managed to be at Cavite after an hour or one and half hours of travel, the driver was like the king of the road, to quote my mom, "King of EDSA!" haha, he drove like crazy!

As soon as we got home, mom opened the plastic bag, there was a box with my name on which I did not take even a single photo of, as requested, I got these:

                                                     make up(s) mean lalalove! :) 

I got new make ups from my aunt! I loved it! I guess, in time, this would mean I should buy a bigger kit and it would excite me to buy a new one, a bigger kit for my make ups! They would be helpful since I would have more choices whenever I try to doll up myself.

My "TO DO" for tomorrow: arrange the new make ups in my kit! :)

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Vinch on 11:14 PM said...

Girls and their make up. Sheesh, hey we should go out this week with everyone!

jO_anne on 11:26 PM said...

Yes vinch! haha :)) Tara! Let's go out! Are we watching Avatar at IMAX?

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