Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Real World

Mom saw this while she was reading last Sunday's issue of The Philippine Star:

to try or not to try?

TV5's hiring people to be part of their company. Mom told me this but didn't tell me directly to apply,  but in the tone of her voice, I was sure she wanted me to do so. I knew if I choose this,  it would mean setting aside my dream of becoming a flight attendant / cabin crew because being part of the media would require your FULL TIME; you're always on call and you were supposed  to work on long hours, sometimes,overnight. This was my first love,  but I already knew what I wanted to be and that was to be a Cabin Crew. I waited for so many years to be part  of the media, I studied hard to get good grades,  but along the way there was one instance that made me think of shifting to another job that could give me a roundtrip ticket around the world - it was when our class had a tour at Iloilo City, from that day forward, one of my friends and I would talk about the life of being a cabin crew, and I was lured. It was my dream to travel places, that was the main reason why I wanted to be a reporter then. I knew that traveling would mean learning, you learn from the culture of different people, you experience the things you have not experienced before, and etc., those were the things money could not buy. 

I guess, God's giving me another option, just like what He did before I got my first job. My friends told me last year that they were expecting a lot from me, not to put pressure on me but they wanted me to GROW more, like a chick awaiting to be born. I knew what I wanted but I think, giving media a try wouldn't hurt me, after all, Mark Twain's absolutely right when he said: 

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

I decided not to go to Cebu for QR's (Qatar Airways) Open Day at Marriott Hotel on January 24 Hopefully, there would be an open day for the following months. For more information about QR's Open Day in Cebu City, you can click this link: 

Goodluck for those who would try! :) 

Here's another one before I end this post:
According to EK's  (Emirates) Site, there would be an assessment here in the Philippines next month on February 13 and 14.

I visited IPAMS' website but there was no announcement yet regarding the pre-screening date. Here I go again, waiting, and hoping.

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Mariel on 9:55 PM said...

Hay, I feel the same way sis. My parents want me to be a nurse. It's not that I don't want to. It's just that there are not a lot of opportunities here for nurses. Let's not worry. I'm sure God will help us in our endeavors. :D

jO_anne on 10:30 PM said...

Thanks Sis! :) I'm sure God knows ano gusto nating makuha! :)

NotLittleMissPerfect on 11:30 PM said...

give it a try..ü if ur waiting 4 that j0b to0 f0r years na then why say n0?ü gawin m0 lahat ng gs2 m0.. I think its als0 ur dream ryt? Ako, i hav 2 say, ndi lang magng fa ang gs2 q..ü i still dream of being a make-up artist, ph0t0grapher, bnessw0man, hehe..shux.. I 4g0t, BS PT pla talaga c0urse q.. Hehe.. Sis, life is sh0rt, live it to the fullest.. Para n0 regrets..ü

jO_anne on 8:01 PM said...

Awww. Thanks Sis! Napag isip isip kong itry, wala naman mawawala. Hahaha. Okay lang yan sis, tama ka, gawin lang natin yung gusto nating gawin :)

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